• Watching the idocies of those interviewed in the short clip just proves we cannot fix stupid and exactly why our great nation is in freefall to the shits.

  • Kamala is the Giggler-In-Chief.

  • Stupid is as Stupid does! SMH

  • Stupid is as Stupid does! SMH

  • All one can say is yah get what ya pay for... a welfare state produces a welfare mindset... a dependent, uninformed, lazy, entitlement crowd, that thinks life is a party, and that the world owes them a living.  Well, they are about to get schooled on the reality of a faithless, immoral society and they aren't going to like it one bit.

    Life is not a sitcom or soapbox drama... where no one works, and everyone parties all night.  A world where weekdays turn into extended weekends, as the ungrateful live in the lap of faux luxury,  high on some drug,  as they drive their expensive cars, to navigate the carefree circus of seemingly open-ended parties. 

    This faux nirvana is about to come to a sudden and calamitous halt... when the food stamps stop, aid to dependent children is cut along with the utilities, and the health care and free rent dry up, they'll finally understand there is no free anything.  What will they do when all the malls close, the beaches shut down and the nightclubs are boarded up for lack of paying customers? 

    Where has John Galt gone... who is going to pick up the check for these idiots.

  • I hope the mindless people who were interviewed don't vote. No wonder the country has gone to hell.

  • this is no differnt that in churches where the average church goer doesn't read the bible and will accept anything said from the pulpit

  • Isn't it unbelievable that a large portion of people in America are that ignorant??  They just don't wan't to know the real truths!  They believe all the lies that are told to to them by the left polititians and the MSM, and REFUSE to find out the truth!  Promise me something for FREE!

    • Of course, they do... they believe all the lies because they don't want the truth.  Why, because they don't want to face reality, they want to live in the illusion of nirvana, the children and pampered dependents of a wealthy state, where everything is free: phones, education, infrastructure, guaranteed incomes, they want to believe they all grow on trees... They want to feed on the perpetual socialist money tree.

      Well folks I have a message for them... that money tree has been cut down and sold for firewood.  The dependents of America's failed socialist experiment will soon find no one is around to give them a free lunch... They murdered John Galt and all his kin.   These ingrates are the walking dead,  living on the cannibalized carcass of a once-thriving giant of a nation, whose capitalist system was disassembled and replaced by a socialist state long, long, ago... and that experiment is at its end... along with our soverignty...  unless there are immediate and massive changes made in our society and government.

  • So sad and so stupid these idiots are

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