• This is satire to ridicule the leftists on school boards!!!!!  He has pulled this same kind of ridicule on city councils!!!!!!!!!!

  • This guy is a comedian. He mocks the boards to show how ridiculous their agenda is. Stop putting out fake stuff. It ruins your credibility. 

  • Too much stage presence to be real.

    But how funny is this nonetheless?

    Lets hope the libtards were mortified.

    We are of them on a constant basis.

  • God help parents protect their our children! This is nuts! No Teacher should ever be teaching this in schools. That's why they our so confused about life brainwashing is so dangerous. Parents rights taking because schools have went to far!! The Schools boards did not give birth to your children and its parents choice. Stop the madness. It's always been about control. How much money  do these teachers get paid by your taxes to destroy the families. Than your children wonder who's why where what they are to do. Take back education or your taxes your money. 

  • This individual should be nowhere near children. He is as messsed up as a soup sandwich.

    • Ernest, it is satire used to ridicule leftists!!!!!!!!!!


  • This guy is a dad who is sick and tired of the Libtard school agendas. This is a total spoof to show how ridiculous and stupid the left has become. He appeared on Fox News and has been featured on Telegram posts. His satire has gone viral. He is NOT a teacher. Think Babylon Bee. ;)

  • His problem is that he is a queer. 

    • Walter, this is satire, he has punked city councils the same way!!!!!  He is hilarious when you know what he is up to!!!!!  He is a regular feature on OANN'S In Focus profram at 5 p m central time weekdays!!!!!!!!!!


  • Go to your room NOW..... and you'll stay there till your Father gets home!

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