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This week’s Liberal Media Scream features the essence of the new media.

Once obsessed with the five “W's” and “H” — who, what, where, when, why, and how — much of the media's political coverage has turned into agenda-making and shaming.

But up against some politicians, notably President Trump, some reporters fret it doesn’t work.


On the show, guest Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of the Atlantic, rued how the media have not figured out how to counter Trump’s supposed deliberate policy of misstatements.

Todd then said: “The only way to understand this is to realize he doesn’t have shame about it. And when we lose our ability to shame a politician, we lose a lot of our power. That’s for sure.

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our weekly pick:

“Todd revealed the reason behind the press corps’ underlying anger at President Trump. They are frustrated that he has figured out how to neuter their influence. They just can’t stand how so many in the public ignore them when they see themselves as the arbiter of truth.”

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  • It is rather fitting to watch these clueless talking heads trying to figure out something that the average hardworking citizen sees as quite obvious. Glad that the Tea Party provides this information so I don't have to waste time watching or listening their mindless blathering, and it's mostly about themselves and their poor snowflake hurt "feelings" anyway.

  • Media sold it's soul to the Devil years ago. What was once an honorable profession has become the most deadly threat to freedom in the history of America. It is a cesspool, and everyone involved in it should be tried for Treason.

    • You are correct. There are legal means to shut down the fake news. Going against the President of the United States with lies is treason. All media disloyal to Trump need to be shut down, by legal means, NOW! 

  • Have you ever thought where America would be if we did not have communist teaching our children, the death tax, Federal REserve, 1871, ? we would have the freedom and wealth God intended us to have.

    • That is an amazing thought. Imagine if the illegal IRS had never happened. The throwing WE the people's hard earned money overseas to the UN and every country in the world. 

    • You are on it.

    • We would be majority millionares.

  • I figured the media was corrupted in the mid 1960s when walter cronkite sold out America during the viet nam war. He started undermining U.S. efforts, along with other media traitors, the commies knew it was just a matter of weeks before the U.S. would be able to beat them and claim victory. As soon as America bailed and john kerry's cousin won the contract to develop coastal viet nam I understood the fix was in, we were sold out. That communism had taken root in America and the end game was all about money for the elites, not the ideology, but how much corruption they could get away with before Americans caught on. Black mail those that couldn't be bought, imprison, mur der those that were a threat.

  • mika's daddy was a russian propagandist, she is following in his footsteps. Like al gore;s father was a treasonous U.S. Senator that spied for russia's big time spy Armmand Hammer, owner of Arm and Hammer products.

  • Satan, being the father of all lies, has consumed them all.

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