I suppose that if you decide you want to crowd around the beaches of Florida as COVID-19 is raging, I could say you’re inviting the Grim Reaper to throw an errant scythe in your direction.

I would mean that figuratively. Daniel Uhlfelder, on the other hand, would think I’d hit upon a great idea — if, of course, he hadn’t hit upon it first.

Uhlfelder, a man who either can’t wait until Halloween or really needs some attention, is a lawyer who sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to get the state’s beaches closed, according to NBC News. DeSantis would eventually issue a 30-day beach closure notice, but reopened the beaches Friday.

Instead of taking the conservative DeSantis back to court, Uhlfelder did what any reasonable human being would do: He is become death, the destroyer of a walk out on the beach.

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