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  • She's a liar, who died and made her queen? She yelled "voter supression" for 3 weeks, used her sister a Qwinnet County "Obama appointed" Judge to keep the polls open longer to make sure EVERYONE had the opportunity to vote. Then Stacey claimed all the absentee ballots weren't in, they needed 3 weeks to make sure all the ballots got in. Kemp (who's corrupt) was 55,000 votes ahead, yet Stacey still claims he stole the election. She received a MILLION dolar donation from someone (Soros?) and didn't list who that money came from. Then she became part owner in the employment agency "Happy Faces" and they were used in the 2020 Presidential election as vote counters...Ruby Freeman and her daughter? Also the guy that worked in a technical capacity in Fulton Co worked for Stacey's agency, he wasn't even American, he was from Nigeria. She needs to be derailed (arrested for voter interference) in Ga.

  • that skanky pig is a minion of satan, through and through!!!!!  Her "god", satan is the father of lies and she didn't fall from the tree.  She is still attached to her "god" the liar and she lies just as much.  The Lake of Fire awaits her!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you see her just yell, "Sooie!" She'll recognize the call.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • You hit the nail on the head.

  • What do you expect the Fat Liberal Communist to say as she is an accomplished liar. Who the hell in the state would want her as a leader???? Communist!

  • In every Prison in the United States the Facts remain the possibility is as small percentage of the Prisoners are behind bars as a result of Being "Wrongly Convicted." Thank God "Systems and Organizations" exist to right these wrongs. However, if One asks those Prisoners behind bars if they are "Innocent" they All Say "Yes!" They lie just like Stacy Abrams lies. Almost as if "lying were a way of life, inside or outside any walls."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If she gets elected it is very dangerous, it's two for the price of one, Soros will make sure her judge sister will be AG. Imagine Georgia after four years of that crap!

  • Abrams ,like so many Dems, lies because it,s who they have become .Just listen to China Joe tell a lie even when there is no reason to lie .

  • It's unbelievable how these deMoncrats lie even when there is proof they are guilty

  • Even she knows that is a lie since she claims she is running for "re-election." 

    Even she knows she is lying because she claims to be running for "re-election!"  That's all de"mock"rats do (well and cheat to make certain they win elections)!



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