Let's Be Real! Joe vs Don

Just because they say Joe is a "decent person" does not make it so. The dems believe that if they something, that makes it true. They think the American population is too stupid to see through their fantacies. He is a swamp creature, in politics for personal gain, need I list all his financial gains at the expense of the American people. He could care less about "we the people". That is the problem with too many of the democrats and some of the republicans. You see Donald Trunp IS a descent person, he has empathy for the hard working citizens who have been robbed via wasteful gov't spending, his question is "How much is that going to cost?" as he does not want to spend with abandon on the backs of "we the people".The only reason he is a list of negative nonsense is because the dems say he is. That doesn't make it so. He just hits hard with the truth of government abuse. How dare he challenge them? They have been getting away with it for years and so have some of the republicans. Donald Trump has done more in three 1/2 years in spite of every obstacle they could think of throwing in his way, starting the day he was inaugurated than any of them have done in their multi-term careers to represent "we the people" and has them scared silly. They are so scared of being completely exposed for who they are. They were screeching to impeach him the day after he was inaugurated. For what? He is exposing what a bunch of leeches they are on our society. They were sent to DC to represent US, not to make themselves rich. His sharp contrast in performance has exposed what a bunch of lying, lazy, thieving hypocrites they are.

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  • Joe is not a decent person. He lies, plagiarizes, supports tyranny, supports the enemies within, sells his soul on a daily basis, and far worse. He has no spirit of America within his empty dead soul.

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