• TED CRUZ 2022!!!!!

  • Bravo to Senator Cruz!  Stupid $450,000 Fauchi wants you to wear two masks. 

  • This man could be the next GOP presidential candidate, if not at least the V.P. running mate to Trump, or anyone but a Mike Pence Presidential candidacy.

  • I love this man... I was asked to leave Walmart and I did... forever!

  • I refuse to weare a face diper! I have seen people stare at me and change their mind about going down  a food store ile just because I dont wear a diper. This is nonsence. Wake up America this is about controll to hell with the CDC or Gov Black face of VA where I used to be proud to live!

  • I don't see why we have to put a mask on.

  • The mask show only power from a socialist government 

    Wed, Mar 17 at 2:57 PM
    So this is my dilemma. Where I live, at least 80% of the mask wearers admit that it causes health problems. Bronchial, Asthmatic, Pneumonia related lung diseases are up 70 % since the FAKE Plandemic...They ALL know and admit that it's a SCAM.  "Mask Mouth" has caused a slew of cancer oral related problems as well. So I ask that 80% straight up "Why if you know it's a Scam do you STILL wear the Death Masks? They answer " Well we wear it because we want everyone to feel comfortable"!!! W.T.F.??? So ask yourselves this. Just how much of our FREEDOM do we have lose in order to make other people feel good about themselves???????? Wake up sheep!!!
    • Seems to me it is less a dilemna, and more or an opportunity to exemplify reality by not mask virtue-signalling at every viable opportunity in public. I do!

  • I wouldn't have been that nice.

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