A liberal dark money operation pushing “fake news” to hurt President Donald Trump in the 2020 election is pulling out all the stops.

OpenSecrets revealed that “political operations are pouring millions of ‘dark money’ dollars into ads and digital content masquerading as news coverage to influence the 2020 election.” One of those operations is dubbed Courier Newsroom, which is owned by the leftist nonprofit ACRONYM. ACRONYM is the company behind the Iowa Democratic Caucus app fiasco. OpenSecrets described Courier as “a network of websites emulating progressive local news outlets.”

ACRONYM Founder and CEO Tara McGowan says this on her Twitter bio: “[W]eaponizing truth to get Trump TFO.”

Liberal outlet The Atlantic published a piece updated February 10, headlined “The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President.” That piece complained that “The president’s reelection campaign was then in the midst of a multimillion-dollar ad blitz aimed at shaping Americans’ understanding of the recently launched impeachment proceedings.”

Not surprisingly, what ACRONYM had been up to for months — pushing lefty ads and digital content “masquerading as news coverage” — was barely a blip on the radar for that piece. 

“Courier has faced scrutiny for exploiting the collapse of local journalism to spread ‘hyperlocal partisan propaganda,’” according to OpenSecrets.

Liberal billionaire George Soros’s Democracy PAC had fueled ACRONYM’s super PAC PACRONYM, with $1.75 million so far. Both ACRONYM and its affiliated PAC were part of a coordinated effort reported last year to invest $75 million in anti-Trump ad campaigning in order to shape “how the public views Mr. Trump and the Democratic Party during the primary season, well before a nominee emerges.”

Courier Newsroom claims that itself and “its affiliated sites are independent from ACRONYM.” However, “a new tax return obtained by OpenSecrets lists ACRONYM as the full owner of Courier as of April. 30, 2019, the most recent date on record.”

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