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  • Is this an example of the "compassion and soul" Nick Cannon was blathering on about?

  • So Sad

  • Trump needs to act now... not later.  It is time to declare martial law and go after ANTIFA's underwriters, those organizing, planning, and financing these terrorists. The organizers are paid thugs and those idiots showing up are mere dupes.  It is time to go after the leaders and politicians who support this sort of action or fail to use local police to stop these domestic terrorists... USE MARTIAL LAW and The Patriot Act to arrest and detain the organizers, participants and politicians involved... move them to GITMO and hold them indefinitely without bail until one can organize a trial... stop the violence now.

  • MOB rule by biden and the demoKKKrats!!!

  • These are heros of the left. Cowards of the lowest form, cesspool bottom suckers.

  • These anarchist and blm terrorists need to be stepped on and HARD!

    • I agree with you. In the old days looters were shot on sight - can we do that to BLM and ANTIFA?

    • Yes,  we can if Pres. Trump declares martial law... he doesn't need the PERMISSION of the Governor or legislature of any state suffering from insurrection and domestic terror to declare martial law... He has the UNILATERAL CONSTITUTIONAL POWER to declare martial law under Article 2, Section 2 as Commander in Chief of the Military and the Militia when called into Federal Service... He is charged with defending the People against invasion/insurrection (from within or without), and domestic violence when the states will not act.  See: Article 4, Section 4. of the US Constitution. 

      Finally, under Article 2, Section 3 he has the CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE to TAKE CARE that the laws of the United States are FAITHFULLY EXECUTED... that is not happening, as the civil authority is not capable or is unwilling to do so... The failure of civil authority to enforce the law is grounds for declaring Martial law.  Our President has the power and duty to act and those telling him otherwise are simply part of the problem... part of the insurrection, part of the new world order, globalist or Marxist in his Admin and they need to go... fire them Mr. President and investigate and arrest those who have been working to undermine your administration for espionage and subversive acts... insurrection and treason.

    • You asking me?..........It's OUR frigging country,isn't it? Hell yeah! We WILL give ourselves the colective permission  to put down the Enemy within Mackavelian  style if our Treasonous leaders don't act soon to remedy the situation. It's our Nature.


    • Concealed mini weapons with silencers and a good crowd camouflage get up.


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