A preposterous lawsuit demanding cops be banned from using tear gas to disperse lawless protestors who block city streets and interfere with traffic has been struck down by a judge who ruled this week that the restriction “unnecessarily burdens the police and puts them and the public at risk.” The case was filed in Virginia by a leftist civil rights group that claims the city of Richmond and its police department as well as the state police violated the Constitutional rights of law-breaking protestors by using tear gas and other crowd control tactics during a disruptive Black Lives Matter demonstration outside Richmond City Hall last week. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Virginia Student Power Network, asks the court to broadly ban the use of “chemical munitions, irritants, explosives, stun weapons, and physical-impact weapons.”

About 150 people participated in the protest which was supposed to include an overnight sit-in outside Richmond City Hall to address police violence and community advocacy, according to a local news report. Protestors also “set up an encampment, blocked the city streets, and interfered with traffic,” court documents show. After midnight police determined that it was an unlawful assembly because “conditions of activity such as sit-ins, sit-downs, blocking traffic, blocking entrances or exits of buildings that impact public safety or infrastructure.” Officers announced “multiple times” via megaphone that the blockade was an unlawful assembly and proceeded to disperse the unruly crowd by firing tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets. Around 12 people were arrested. Following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, a number of violent protests have taken place in Virginia’s capital city of Richmond. Mayor Levar Stoney, who apologized for police firing tear gas on Black Lives Matter protestors, has recognized that cops have been “hit with bricks, they’ve been hit with cinder blocks, stones and urine and other caustic material.” Nevertheless, Stoney has marched with the anti-police mob to demonstrate his solidarity.

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  • When I was a little boy there was an organization called The John Birch Society that said that fluoridation was a Communist plot to destroy the minds America youth many people said it was just a conspiracy theory but now you can see for yourselves that the Birchers were right!

  • Hopefully the voters will vote him out at the next election for mayor and replace him with a leader who really wants the best for the citizens of that city, not kowtow to terrorists, anarchists, or any other group proposing disorderly conduct and rioting...

  • In a National Emergency and under Martial Law... Pres. Trump can federalize local police... effectively drafting them for service in the Military.   ANTIFA and BLM want to eliminate the Police at least until they gain total power and then they will create a NEW FASCIST police force to go after the counter-revolutionary and dissident political protestors... sending them off to reeducation camps.... or the gulags to work at hard labor until dead.  The call for disbanding the police paves the way for a successful armed insurrection and then they will flip and call for police citing the terrible lawlessness without them... only the NEW POLICE will be the KGB/Gestapo type... real hardcore fascist law enforcement...

    • Do you really want the local police power federalized? That would be a major step toward fascism. I suggest you think this through a little longer

    • Do you want local Mayors and State Governors to continue to shut them down... while our cities and homes burn nd our children are shot?  There is a growing state of insurrection present and it is getting worse, not better.  By Federalizing the Local police the President sends a very powerful message... cease your insurrection or go to jail... he countermands the message many Democrats and the MSM are promoting... lawlessness is ok as long as it destroys Pres. Trump's bid for reelection.

    • We can't let that happen. No doubt the police needs to step up law enforcement with any means necessary. No more mercy for these thugs. It's now or never.

    • True....but they need to get tough on the gangs.

    • To use a modified phrase from Ronald, we need "real hardcore law enforcement" to control these thugs. That seems to be the only way the authorities can get a handle on the situation. We the people are done wit touchy feely policing. Time to get tough with these thugs and terrorists!!!

  • Trump must put an end to this lawlessness. Get rid of these ineffective local "leaders" and install real leaders who know what they are doing. Take control of the timid police and make it into a police force. Assume the authority given by the US Constitution to defend our liberty and freedom, the most important goals underlying our Constitution. 

    • Trump, nor any President, has the constitutional authority to do what you suggest. And for all the current chaos, that's a good thing

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