• You nailed them Trump!!!

    • Agree


  • Way to go Donald Trump.

  • BOOM!!!!!

  • no different than when tom and helen appeared on the jeffersons

  • The Democrat Party can not reveal its plans for America and muster the votes necessary to return to power... The Democrats are hiding their radical socialist and environmental agenda from the public, as it will destroy our economy and what remains of our industrial base.  Their domestic policy will make America dependent upon foreign powers to sustain our national security, military power, and a robust private economy within our own borders...

    A vote for a Democrat is a vote to destroy America's economy and National security... it is a vote to place the People of America under the THUMB of foreign interests and the Socialist International.

    • A vote for Democrats is surrendering to China!!!


    • Agreed!

    • Exactly. Here is their equation for accomplishing this plan... Society minus police minus 2nd amendment=SHEEP

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