• Shit for brains Schiff belongs in prison after being stripped of his wealth for the lies and false accusations of a sitting president. He is a fucking disgrace

  • Adam Schiff-For-Brains is pesonification of what is wrong with our Congress. He is there for his own aggrandizement and his accusations are merely a projection of his own actions to deflect attention from them. Everthing that Schiff, Chuck Tumor, Nancy Pelousy accuse the Republicans of doing is what they themselves are up to their necks in. They do not deserve another day in Congress. Unfortunately, their constituents are too stupid to recognize the truth about them.

    • yes, too stupid and deceived by satan, he likes stupid people they are easy to deceive!!!!!

  • The picture would look better if there were jail bars crossing over face

  • the pile of schiff is a TRAITOR!!!!!

  • POS

  • I recall reading an article that reported that this scum of the earth kike Adam Shitff beat his black gay lover and also sexually abused him. This does not surprise me. This traitor should have been impeached long go. 

  • I agree with most all of the previous comments I have read. I could not trust this p.o.s. if he was in a straight jacket and had tennis balls stuffed in his mouth.

  • Put a moustache on Shifty and he could easily pass as Hitler’s brother, mind-set and all.

    • He's a lying traitor and should be tried and shot!...Is a trial really nesessary though? I've seen enough to vote guilty WITHOUT a doubt. I'll bet more than 11 more have to so............we can skip the trial part.


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