• Some people just can't deal with the success of others.

    That's not an R or D trait; a Left or Right trait -- it's a human trait.

    In much of the world the gap between the rich & the rest of the population is a charm ... But in the US, in recent decades at least, the wealth gap has been largely bridged by the quality & price of consumer goods -- the main divider is brand name -- snob appeal.

    My truck, a GMC -- is great around the property, or the woods; but it's also luxurious on road trips...comfy, great to drive, powerful, reasonably wife's Caddy is no more comfortable or fun to drive than my truck ... and the Mercedes I rented while in a northern city wasn't any better than either of my vehicles -- but it's a Mercedes & costs much more than either of my vehicles.

    Snob appeal.

    Do I envy Lindell his success? No & yes.

    No, because I'm happy with what I have.

    Yes, because he's smarter than I am in business matters & his success in a tough industry highlights my inability to replicate that kind of success ... But he's him & I'm me.

    We both rock -- but differently!!

    Good on him.

    • Great thinking, Jim!  When I was a child, we esteemed those who were successful.  Nowadays, ha! Jealousy abounds.

    • Thanks, John!

      Leftism, socialism & Communism -- the three steps to totalitarianism -- are all based on envy, jealousy, greed & class hate.

      Our traditional form of capitalism is based on possibilities & hopefulness for everyone.

      A few will skyrocket, most will do pretty well, and a few will fail. But even most failed people in our system land in a protective safety net.

      What I can't tolerate is the "ropes" of the net being used to strangle us & our great nation.

      Let's go Brandon/FJB

    • It's more than jealousy it is class warfare stirred up by the Public Education System and the core of the Marxist Democrat Party... it's about FREE STUFF and taking whatever one wants without working for it.  It's about the communist axiom of " From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs."  Working for a living becomes unnecessary in the Marxist system... of dependency.

    • True, also.

  • Is the shunning and bitterness against Lindell because he is rich? He earned his money. Is that any reason for hatred? Are we now creating a division among us the same as the Democrats?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • We used to look up to those who have succeeded in life.  we all strived to get a good education in order to accrue more money.  Now, we don't want to work that hard.  We just his/her money!

  • Ilona, perhaps he just suffers from what Bruce Springsteen was singing about in "Glory Days." A guy who just can't crawl out of the past and into the present and lose his "Herohood."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • Have anyone on this page seen Mike Lindel's balance sheet?  How do you know why the bank has decided to drop his account?  Maybe the bank has assessed Lindel's business as a giant ponzi scheme with outsized marketing cabosing on Trump's political supporters?  Maybe the bank's assessement of his business plan is that he is using their continual bank financing to finance his oversized advertising budget for a product line that can't possibly sustain those type of expendures?  Maybe they decided the time to get out was now, before they get left holding the bag in some huge and unfortunate bankruptacy proceeding? 

    In any event, who do any of you think you are to prejudge how other people, or businesses, or banks decide to lend money?  Maybe in fact, the bank decided they don't like Lindel, or his politics and they don't want to lend him money anymore?  Who's money is it?  Who are you to say they should?  Lindel supports Trump and now he's suddenly become a religious leader, a victim, a political cause?  I mean is Lindel running for office?  When your bank decides to drop you, you find another bank.  Lindel's business is national.  There are plenty of banks always waiting to make money, if he has a balance sheet that supports whatever financing he requires.  If he doesn't his problems are bigger than his bank.  

    As for ilona, your mind and it's workings are a wonder dear lady.  You would have been a star in Europe during the 18th/c religious wars.  I can see you now in the blood lands of eastern europe.

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