• Sometimes I wonder how these idiots ever got a law degree.  They obviously know less than any Patriot Person does.

  • This guy looks and acts like a weasel just like the lying asshole fauci.

  • Don't listen to anybody that is on CNN.  That is the most lying news station ever.

  • This moron is an abject LIAR!!!!

  • We live in a republic in which the states hold sovereign power over elections as well as other states rights. I suggest this "lawyer" read the constitution and the bill of rights. He should pay close attention to amendment number 10!

  • A law expert on CNN scared that a fraudulent election might get overturned, not because it's the right thing to do but because the fraud won't be allowed to continue. I see their low standards haven't changed at CNN. 

  • Just another marxist dumb ass

  • These ignoramouses don't deserve to have a certified law degree. They do not understand the issue nor the constitutionality of the challenges. Why can I say that? Because they did not argue the same issue whe the "will of the people" was for Donald Trump an the Democrats tried to decertify the electoral college. IDIOT traitors to our Republic CNN and all their contributers.

  • Idiot

  • One of the things that has to be done as soon as the People gain control of their government is the disbarment of thousands of attorneys and judges and the dismissal of hundreds of law professors... Whole, law schools need to be decertified as eligible to grant degrees in the profession... or quality their students to take the Bar Exam.. of course, there needs to be a new Bar Exam focused on the Constitution and traditional common and natural law... no more marxist ideology.

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