• The left is making a god of that filthy traitor and murderer

  • Hillary Clinton murdered our Ambassador and his team to cover up the Benghazi illegal arms dealing being used to support the Arab Spring and its attempt to overthrow all of the secular Arab states to form a massive mid-east Islamic Caliphate... from which Islam could dominate the world.  It was treason and unlawful arms running... and it needs to be prosecuted even unto this date.

    • Very succinctly stated, Ronald!!  And, in a nutshell, that's what we've been dealing with before - and now after - the one bright light in our contemporary history, Pres. Trump.  I still gert mad when I realize just how awful and treasonous that whole Obummer cadre of political operatives have really been - and, sadly, can now continue unabated!!  God help us all!!

  • Yep she didn't want to commit suicide.

  • Silenced by the Terrorist arm of the Dermocrat Party.  Resist this COMMUNIST REVOLUTION or DIE!.

  • Stop the Steal

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  • She didn't do her job because she wanted to live.

  • This is why we need fair journalism. Having the news broadcasting industry in bed with government is exactly how we lose our freedom. Benghazi is a perfect example. I don't know that anyone in this country took Susan Rice serious when she went on every news program and lied to the American people. This is why the MSM is so dangerous to do this nation.

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