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  • We need to do away with most of our government and bloated bureaucrats jobs. They are 100% anti-American and despise us working stiffs.

  • The largest union supporting Biden was the International Brothrhood of the Deceased and Imaginary Voters!!! 

  • I have a real problem with the union members crying about this.

    They allowed their unions to support biteme, and a large number of them voted the way the union told them to.  

    He says he is surprised that this happened, bitme said that he would do this so many times it is unbelievable that he would say this.  what did he do during the last 4 years, hide his head in the sand?

    Can't even blame the msm, even they showed bitme saying that he would do this.

    • I agree!!  BUT they should first start by getting rid of their F**king unions!  Unions are NOT for the worker anymore and haven't been for decades!


    • Union Workers JOIN THE RESISTANCE.  It is not too Late!


    • Unions are commie idea and need to be totally eliminated. Look how expensive and inefficient police, fire, other public work is. It's all because of the unions. Eliminate unions everywhere, not just in the private sector. Done with this commie stuff in the USA!!!

  • Trump brought jobs to Americans, Biden takes them away again. Keystone employs a ton of contruction workers while it is built and 35 permanent jobs once it is built. All gone. What a disgrace this Biden is!

  • Many working class people will suffer under the second Obama administration. Biden has never done anything for the American people so why will he now. Hopefully, America will wake up and elect politicians who are for their best interest. Trump was the only one who did. Energy development (oil and gas) is the essential lifeblood of this nation and people. I contacted my state reps, congress and senators asking what are being done to ensure voter integrity. At the local level, we must make politicians accountable to prevent this election fraud from happening again. 




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