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The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed on Friday addressing the struggle to “resist demands for unity” in the face of acts of “aggressive niceness” on the part of friendly Trump-supporting neighbors who are compared to terror organizations who “offer protection and hospitality” and “polite” Nazis.

The essay, penned by journalist Virginia Hefferman and titled, “What can you do about the Trumpites next door?” seeks to present the author’s dilemma in dealing with “Trumpite” neighbors who plowed her driveway without being asked “and did a great job.”

The Trump-supporting neighbors are described as moderate, not “being Q or believing Trump actually won.”

“How am I going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness?” she asks, articulating the “torment” she struggles with throughout the essay.

The author then compares the generosity of such neighbors to that of the designated terrorist organization Hezbollah which, prior to 9/11, was responsible for more American deaths than any other terror organization.

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  • Something I want people to know. Mike Lindell maker of MyPillow has a Documentary about the Election and everyoneshould watch it

    in full. It is very interesting.You can go here to Rumble or you can go to

    and check it out.

    • that's right I did watch it it's an eye-opener.

  • She is tormented because he neighbors are helpful!  What is this world coming to?  This women needs psychiatric help!  Although like most Democrat shes is probably way past being helped!  By the way what on earth is aggressive niceness?  

  • The idea that this journalist views her neighbor's good deed as passive-aggressive behavior...  and borderline terrorism.  This type of delusional judgment demonstrates just how neurotic and hateful many journalists have become. 

    This journalist's psychotic view that her neighbor's help is somehow a terroristic plot... points to her unhinged hate for those who have political views that differ from her own.  The truly frightening thing is that her assessment is all too common among the nation's leftists and Journalists.

  • Trump should have shut down the fake news. He could have established a section in his administration that monitors and sanctions lies by the fake news. If he had done that, we would not have the problems we have today.

    • How can he do that? when the same media try to kill him?

    • Actually, the current FCC regulations require that they monitor those broadcast sources for fairness and accuracy in SERVICE to the public, and where it is grossly abused the FCC can deny them a license to broadcast.  The Public airways are there to serve the public not to indoctrinate or mislead the public.

  • Just more of the Orwellian Freak show. Freedfom is not long for this world.

  • Bullshit coming out of California?  Say it ain't so ...

    • Sometimes out here, you can't see the road for the apples.

      But even cage birds don't read the L.A. Times anymore.

      The Chandlers departure took international newsworthiness.

      See the source image

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