LA's first black DA slams BLM for targeting her home

Protesters gather outside D.A. Jackie Lacey's house; husband ...

The first black person to serve as district attorney for Los Angeles has criticized Black Lives Matter activists for showing up at her house in the middle of the night, leading her husband to pull a gun on them.

Jackie Lacey, who was elected in December 2012, was asked in an interview on Saturday about the March 2 incident.  

She was also questioned about moves to defund the police, her record in policing the police, and how it feels to have Black Lives Matter now campaigning to get rid of her in the November election.

'It's surreal,' she told CNN, speaking about the weekly protests against her. 

'It's almost like an out-of-body experience.' 

She said many within BLM seemed unaware of her story, and her rise from humble beginnings to be the first black DA in the 170-year history of the office.

'I get in here and the most vocal group who wants to take me out is a group known as Black Lives Matter,' Lacey said. 

'They're treating me like 'the man. But if they only knew that I'm the girl from the neighborhood.'  

For two and a half years BLM have been questioning her leadership, and taking issue with her failure to prosecute police officers accused of misconduct. 

She defended her record, saying protesters often did not have access to the full facts or grasp the legal nuances.

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  • I wish the Bureau of Land Management or BLM would round up all these BLM protestors and put them in corrals instead of destroying our beautiful wild horses!!!

    • That's a great idea and the naming is great. BLM rounds up BLM. Like it. 

  •  BLM is a terrorize organization and we should not surrender to them.

  • (BLM) Bureau Of Land Management. How about (BLM) Buracratic Lives Matter, To be declared a terrorist organization ?

  • She and many others of her LIBERAL bent had better wake up... Communist purge their own on a regular basis.  Once the Communist secure power, they frequently purge their party ranks of mid-level acylates to avoid internal counter-revolutionary pressures.  Historically, Stalin and LInnen murdered millions of counter-revolutionaries.... members of their own party.  This Prosecutor is a DUPE... being used by the left to advance their cause ... but soon will find out she is on their list of targets for purging.

  • Commie thugs. - I bet you Trump is already working on taking care of this problem, and I bet you he will follow through with his idea to declare the antifa a terrorist organization any day now.

    • Excuse me... How many times has Pres. Trump stated he was listing ANTIFA as a Domestic Terrorist Group... hasn't happened yet.  By the way it will take an EO to do so as the current law doesn't define the use or methods for establishing a Domestic Terrorist List... The President can order one to be established by EO... but to my knowledge he hasn't.

    • Did you not hear Trump say he will designate antifa a terrorist organization? Why do you doubt he will follow through with it?

    • Excuse me I heard Trump say he would drain the swamp also... but there it is bigger than life.  I find no list with the ANTIFA organization officially designated as a terrorist group.  IN order for the FBI to use the Patriot Act and the enhanced rules for tracking and indicting them they need to be on an official list.  Please provide that list.  You can't as there is none.

      I also remember Pres. Trump stating he would jail Hillary... is she in Jail?  Then why would you believe that Trump has OFFICIALLY designated ANTIFA as a Domestic Terrorist Group... as required to permit the FBI to use enhanced investigative techniques to round them up and eliminate them?

    • All of these issues can be solved very easily and quickly. Trump needs to assume total authority over the country. As long as he has to battle any opposition, whether it comes from demonrats, rinos, the deep state, the judiciary, etc, he cannot do what he is supposed to do: uphold the US Constitution. I am certain that he is working on a plan to deliver every single promise he has made. We support him no matter what exactly because he does not lie. He tells it as it is and he delivers on his promises, maybe not right away but in time.

      He is building the wall despite vehement opposition from the demonrats. The entire wall isn't built yet, but a 600 miles are, something that few people expected was possible. He is balancing the budget because his tax cuts will lead to unprecedented economic growth as it did before the kung flu and as it will do after the king flu has passed, which is already the case anyway. 

      Likewise, he will drain the swamp, he will designate the antifa organizations as a terrorist group (I bet you the leadership is already in his and Barr's crosshairs), and Hillary will go to jail.

      In any case, I don't know why we need to argue like this. Both of us will vote for Trump in November because both of us support him no matter what, just like a very large majority of Americans does. We both know that America is in much better shape today than it was when Trump took over, and every single American knows that, too. You know as well as I do that Trump will deliver on all his long range promises listed above in his second term, which he clearly deserves. Or do you disagree that he deserves another 4 years in office?

      Even if you disagree, Trump will still win the election as long as it is fair and not rigged. I actually think we should skip the election since a fair election can't be guaranteed and since everybody knows that Trump enjoys tremendous and widespread support in the country, and he will win the election anyway. So, why even vote when it is so clear? Just to get us upset if he loses an obiously rigged election? Is that why we support an election? To end in civil unrest? Can you even imagine if American patriots get mad about an unfair election?

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