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Los Angeles County’s stay-at-home orders will “with all certainty” be extended for the next three months, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer acknowledged during a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday.

Although county health officer Dr. Muntu Davis has not issued an official extension, Ferrer said that timeline would shorten only if there was a “dramatic change to the virus and tools at hand.”

“Our hope is that by using the data, we’d be able to slowly lift restrictions over the next three months,” she said. But without widely available testing for the coronavirus or rapid home kits that would allow people to test themselves daily, it seems unlikely that the social distancing directives and stay-at-home orders would be completely eased.

Neither Ferrer nor county health officials were immediately available to directly offer additional details. However, the county has already started to ease some restrictions and reopen the local economy under a five-step plan.

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    • Remember the Church is given the power over the government and now the government is telling the Christian what to do it should the other way around or the power of God is not being manifest in our lives today point and simple.

  • people need to REVOLT and go back to work

  • Cut off these state workers salaries and watch this shutdown come to a screeching halt!

  • Treason! 

  • Take this lady's paycheck and healrh benefits away until all are back to work in the private sector!

  • See, how evil destroys itself?  Hopefully ... THIS will wake up enough Californians to remove their Governor and vote for Republicans in the next election. 

  • My son called me last night and let me know that he was booking a flight and would be with me for about 2 months. He said there are a lot of angry people there and about to erupt. 

    • what do they expect they voted for a communist, socialist man and women who doesn't know anything about the American constitution

  • say goodbye to California now it is a socialist state

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