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"Activism and action civics" opportunities for young students will be promoted.

Most adults who attended public school remember early history lessons about American leaders and symbols—George Washington crossing the Delaware, Betsy Ross sewing the American flag. But starting this fall, kindergarteners in Loudon County—a wealthy suburb of Washington D.C.—will be taught a new radicalized history curriculum focusing on slavery and social justice.

Loudon County has elected to partner with the disgraced far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to develop the new curriculum which deliberately paints America in a highly negative light.

"Sugarcoating or ignoring slavery until later grades makes students more upset by or even resistant to true stories about American history. Long before we teach algebra, we teach its component parts," the curriculum reads. "We should structure history instruction the same way."

The new curriculum also highlights "activism and action civics" opportunities for young students in kindergarten through second grade.

"Students should study examples of role models from the past and present, and ask themselves, ‘how can I make a difference?'" the guidelines explain. "These conversations [about slavery] should lead into discussions about current injustices — particularly those that continue to disenfranchise and oppress the descendants of enslaved people — and possibilities for activism and reform."

In short, public school teachers must prepare their students to take up the mantle of Black Lives Matter.

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  • if schools are going to teach about the history of slavery then the so called course will have to include a 400 time span when egypt [african nation] held the nation of israel as slaves . plus a modern chapter will have to include the african nations of sudan and somalia that are still engaged in the practice of slavery

  • Puble schools are hotbed for teaching lies and misinformation. I'm so very glad I could say the Lord's prayer and the pledge of alligience when I went to school, plus I still learned REAL AMERICAN History

  • Time for the Department of Education to act... This sort of anti-Amerian rhetoric and approach to history should meet strong Federal Government intervention and threats to defund any public school that engages in such garbage.  America's patriots are finding more and more key government and private institutions taking positions opposing the interests and credibility of the United States Government.  These Marxist activists are promoting positions that seek to negatively reframe our history and denigrate our Nation's contribution to liberty around the world.  It is beyond disgraceful, that such programs are actually being introduced and considered without the person or group promoting such seditious material being tossed out on thier head and told never to come back. 

    Where is the DOJ, AG Barr, and FBI on this seditious material and conduct... it seems they can't find anything wrong with inculcating activist anti-American propaganda designed to inflame children against our Government.  If that isn't sedition and insurrection what is... these miscreants of history would train our children to hate America and provide them with help in organizing and demonstrating against their parents and our Nation. 

    Where is the President on this one... and why is the Department of Education funding schools that support this sort of seditious history... cut their federal funding off.

    • The DOE has known for 50 years whey are teachung our children. They must be abolished.

  • They are out to destroy all innocence. Add this horror show to their sexual perversion teaching in grade school.

  • It is most important to dump all this on young children, grown up problems on little minds.  It is emotional abuse.  Jr. high and high school are plenty early to brainwash children with communist rhetoric.  No one mentions that the north of the US never had slavery, and they were instrumental in freeing many slaves.  When that was not enough, they declared war on the south to free the slaves.  Quite honestly you can overdue the complaints, that were once received with compassionate ears, and have those same ears turn deaf. We have already had affirmative action, welfare, medicaid, food stamps.  Enough is enough.  I'm tired of hearing it.  Oh just a small PS. I voluteered for the EEOC for years.  So yes, I am well informed on the subject.

  • Of course, they won't teach the historical context and the Civil War which ended "slavery" and the number of people who died to get rid of we owe those families the respect or do we keep talking about something that we eradicated.

    • No, we make heroes out of 6time felons like Mr. Floyd who died while under the influence of drugs and in the midst of committing another felony... that is today's American Hero.  Of course, all of Mr. Flodys former felonies were the result of his being discriminated against... never mind that he had every opportunity to succeed if he had redirected his hate in a positive way... too, improve himself and his community.  No, instead he blamed everyone else and engaged in as much anit-social behavior as he could possibly do while not behind bars... and when caught and jailed it was those crakers wearing Blue who were at fault.

  • I live in Prince William County VA, which is already hard to survive as a Republican. My son is blond with blue eyes, he follows PRE-K programs (when there is school) and he's already a minority. 80% of kids in his school are Hispanic, then we have a significant number of kids from the Middle-East, then you'll find African American kids (they are not a majority either) and a few white kids like mine. If on top of that he's asked to learn how white people are bad just because there was slavery a long time ago, I'll guess we'll have to move out this area. I don't want him to become a target

    • Your son is already a victim of racial discrimination... when he applies for work, for admission to a university, for scholarships, for government and private programs and mentorship, and a whole host of other issues where racial and sexual preference favor others.  White people have the privilege of being singled out for special treatment (systemic racism) and the left is laughing at them as they awake to their status as 2d class citizens.  White males have a very large target on their backs... and it is getting larger every day.  It is time for it to stop... and those responsible for the abuse identified and held accountable for their racial bigotry.

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