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  • Are there any politicians that have any guts? Mr. McCarthy says, I am going to censure Maxine she has a potty mouth and goes out after curfew. PUT HER BUTT IN JAIL!! You just said she broke the law. All of you politicians are the same! Let us start an investigation, let us start a sub-committee to a sub committee to find out what happened and who knew about it. Millions of people saw Sleepy Joe commit extortion, they allowed Hillary to destroy “real” evidence, and you want to censure poor little “BIG” mouth!! You idiots are nothing more than a big expensive JOKE!!!! You make me sick!!

    • AGREE!!!!!

      And yes, I am shouting.

  • Somebody arrest that Witch lock her up!!  Kick her butt out of congress!!!



    • While they're at it, arrest that pervert/imposter/usurper/liar/cheat/baby murderer, too.


  • Thank you sir!  We, the general public WANT to do it but need to rely on our reps to do it for us!

    Come at every single one of the TRAITORS 

    SO MANY of us are livid with the left but have NO clout except thru you



  • She complained for a while that she could not go to the grocery store without being harrassed.  Time to harrass again, what goes around comes around..

  • Yes, she shoud be removed, then barred from ever running again to cause us more trouble. That should happen to all demoncrats who think our laws don't apply to them. Their arrogance is off the charts.

  • WATERS HAS TO GO.Do it. Brian

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