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    • I was under the impression that we shot them.


    • Hanging is cheaper, a gallows and ropes can be used hundreds of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Love your thinking

  • Poor thing. she ihas been so discrimiated against. Elected to Congress and has been there for many years and is a millionaire. What a rough life for someone being discriminated against. Wish it would happen to me. 

    • Mad maxine Polluted waters lives in a walled and gated compound/mansion far from the inner city that votes for her!!!!!!!  She is a TRAITOR and those who vote for her are MORONS who vote only skin color!!!!!!!!!!


  • Don't talk about do the action step and just do it..!

    • His censor is nothing more than posturing to appease the voters.  

    • isn't that the truth?

  • she and other Democrats need to go to jail period.

    • Jeff, not jail GALLOWS.  TREASON is a hanging offense!!!!!!!!!!


This reply was deleted.