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  • Don't get me wrong I would love to see her at least kicked out of congress. But be very careful I would hate to see consequences be turned to a matter.

  • Too little too late, mccarthy, you establishment WEASEL. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why was Waters not rebuked four years ago? Why has she not been charged with hate speech and insurrection? Why did McArthy do nothing the two years he the Republicans held the House and Senate. She could have be charged with insurrection, hate crimes; or do they only apply to white men and police officers?  You can't blame the Democrats for being insane,they are. But, we could expect Republicans to do something when they hold both houses. Perhaps that is why they are out of power more than they are in power, 

    • because she is a black female that's it don't you know?

    • AND because he likes what she says.  He wants the new world order global dictatorship established.  He plans to have a seat at the tyranny table!!!!!!!!!!

  • McCarthy, Censure? You know that is worthless, Impeach the wicked reatch!

  • Waters and the rest of the socialist party want a divided nation and hate is their number one weapon with the media loading the lies 

  • she and pelosi remind me of a "fatal attraction" psychosis...they have both lost it a long time ago when Donald pushed them absolutely over the edge!

  • We used to HANG traters. It is a shame we got to civilised to hang a trater. No I am not a racest I do not give a hoot what color a traters skin color is! It should be done in the capital rutunda as a worning to other wood be traters!

     Hang all of them every single one! There is a reason we have the gitmo prison we need to exspand its holding capasity! I would love to Hilly and Billy in orange jump sutes as well as Mad Maxine! 


    • Mark, I agree.  ALL of the devildemocommiecrats, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists, big tech satanists, and gop establishment hacks should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!


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