• nothing will be done because they are on the same side, satan's, as the devildemocommiecrats and their owned local officials!!!!!!!!!!

    • All this talk about Satan is reallty unfair and somewhat unsettling.  Listen, I married his sister once and had one hell of a time over in Asia.

  • MSNBC should never be allowed in any court room AGAIN...   This producer should be FIRED !!!!  MSNBC are low life scum producers anyway !   Kudo's to the judge for having the proper authorities handle this matter ...and for barring MSNBC for the rest of the trial !!!!! Hopefully Kyle Rittenhouse will be the new owner of MSNBC !!!!!!!!

  • The issue with "Charging" the video cam operator/NBC with anything is the potential of the actual release through Public Records of the Jury's addresses, phones, names, families. Trials are not held in Secret, especially when the Progressive Socialist MEDIA is involved.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Hope this puts NBC out of business

    • Hopefully, Rittenhouse will be the new owner of NBC.

    • YES !!!!!


    • Or CNN?

  • Sounds as, if this is going to be expensive for NBC.

    • YES !!!!  And hopefully put them out of business because they're CRAP anyway ... Lowest on the totem pole of news stations !!!


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