• No one muck does not look like any muck.  Our Government has been infiltraded with both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Deep State and worshipers of  Satan.  If one muck does look like another they are all equal to the most evil you can imagin.  How exactly to you kill a snake???

    • It is not a snake, it is a 7 headed hydra, soros, clinton, obama, the clap (per), comey, brennen, china.

    • that is funny I like that.

    • Wow, wow you nail it Joan it's time to get to the bottom of it Joe Biden deserve to be in jail and he is running for president what's wrong with this picture?

  • I hope to God every conservative is aware of what the socialists ar are trying to do to the country and our President.  We need everyone to come out and vote these traitorous slugs out of office and get more real Americans into office and that will save our country!

    • Yes! I amwith you 100%

  • Do ya think?

  • One thing about the swamp one muck looks like any muck.

  • This DIRTY Rice knows EVERYTHING. Obama and Clinton  trusted her to lie through every event that made the Obama regime look bad. She belongs in prison but she has the swamp protecting her and holds a woman card and race card.

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