The venue for President Donald Trump’s political rally in Minnesota scheduled for Friday will be restricted to only 250 people after Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison put pressure on the business owners of multiple locations.

The rally was initially planned at the Rochester airport, but Ellison’s office demanded a “COVID preparedness plan” from officials from the City of Rochester, Olmsted County, and the Rochester airport, as well as the Republican National Committee to ensure the event was safe.

The event was then moved to Dodge Center, prompting Ellison’s office to ask the Trump campaign and the owner of the building McNeilus Steel for their “COVID Preparedness Plan.”

That prompted the Trump campaign to move the event again, back to the airport.

“Thanks to the free speech-stifling dictates of Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, only the first 250 people will be admitted,” the campaign said in a statement sent late Thursday night.

“Without question, Minnesota Democrats had hoped that the President would simply cancel the event, but he will not allow partisan politicians to deprive people of their First Amendment rights to gather peacefully to hear directly from the President of the United States,” the statement continued.




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  • I am beginning to wonder how it is that our country seems to be the leading number people affected by this Chinese virus, even more so than even China where the virus was purposely advanced on nations.

  • Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison - Covid Tyrant.

  • President Trump is wise to let these hateful miscreants like Keith Ellison do their partisan dirty work out in the open. The Democrats have been overplaying their hand since Crooked Hillary lost in 2016 and many good citizens are now paying attention who had been previously unaware of the totalitarian Marxist socialist takeover of the Democrat Party. By the way, Ellison is another State Attorney General funded by George Soros, as was Kamala Harris in California before she wormed and clawed her way into the Senate. And she now has her eyes on the Presidency itself, should Biden win, because Old Lunchbucket Joe would very soon be declared incompetent under the 25th Amendment. It is our patriotic duty to ensure that she never gets that chance.

  • The Marxists are just doing what they have always done and that is to lie and do all to trick people.

    McCarthy was condemned but he was right on target. 

    • I've said the same about Joe McC.

    • McCarthy was right! And the only ones condemning him were those who supported the Marxist socialist agenda. We have been watching their nefarious takeover of our institutions for over 50 years and it is a hopeful sign that many are waking up to the clear and present danger that these zealots pose to the survival of our constitutional republic. Pray! Vote! .....and get active in local, state and national politics, ........ and in that order.

  • keith ellison, what a pos.  He needs to be put in gitmo and water boarded until he drowns. If I remember right, he was forced to resign from congress so how does he continue to be in goverment.  I can't say on here what I think should really happen to him.

    • .Russell, I will say it, ellison is another wannabe tyrant who should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!  He is doing all he can to scuttle liberty in America, destroy our Constitutional Republic and establish the New World Order of satan, soros, and the devildemocommiecrat party of tyranny and hate!!!!!

    • I'm in your corner!  Good to hear a voice from the "Herd"....

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