The Kazakh Ministry of Health has issued an innocuous disclaimer, denying social media reports about the seizure of a “military biological lab near Almaty by unidentified people.”

According to Russia’s Tass news agency, social media had speculated that specialists in chemical protection suits were working near the lab as “a leak of dangerous pathogens” occurred.

The carefully worded press release by the Kazakh ministry clarifies: “This is not true. The facility is being protected.” Period.

The intriguing report highlights the tip of an iceberg that has implications for public health and holds serious geopolitical ramifications.

Since the late 1990s, when it came to be known that the US was steadily establishing and building up partnerships in biological research with several ex-Soviet republics, Moscow has repeatedly alleged that such cooperation posed a threat to Russia.

These biological research facilities were originally envisaged as part of the so-called Nunn-Lugar Biological Threat Reduction Program to prevent the proliferation of expertise, materials, equipment and technologies that could contribute to the development of biological weapons.

But Moscow suspected that the exact opposite was happening – that in reality, the Pentagon has been sponsoring, lavishly financing and providing technical assistance to these laboratories where “under the guise of peaceful research, the US is building up its military biological potential.”

In a sensational statement in October 2018, Major-General Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia’s Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, went to the extent of disclosing a discernible pattern of the network of Pentagon labs being located near the borders of Russia and China.

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  • Actually, we all fall prey to the bombardments of Media and Politics while completely setting aside the "Facts" of "Reality of Trade." Ponder the following. Russia, 1.7 times the size of the U.S. Population of 146 million. Exports $338 Billion with $224 Billion in fuels and $164 Billion in Grains. China, only 2.2% larger than the U.S. with 1.4 Billion People. Exports $325 Billion with $208 Billion of that in Electronics. The United States of America. Population 329.5 Million. Exports 1,435 Trillion Dollars. Top Seven Exports: Vehicles, Medical, Aircraft, Plastics, Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Organic Chemicals. This does not even include 1/3 of China's Food Imports. If the U.S. were to once again open its vast "Oil/Gas Reserves, Russia would be bankrupt. If the U.S. brought back onto its own soil the manufacturing imported from China, it to would bankrupt. Neither, even if joined, can ill afford to cut off their nose to spit their face. Logic dictates rational minds.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • During the early 1950's Hanford Radiation Studies were conducted via both Washington and Oregon State Universities on the effects of radiation exposure on "State Prisoners." A large portion of the Malhuer Dessert in Oregon was bombarded with radiation to study the same effects. The results are achieved in the Universities and in D.C. The Tuskegee Venerial Disease Experiments conducted during WWII are another fact that "Evil" is and always has been unilateral even under the guise of "Science!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • Kazakhstan's premier states that the attempted coup d'etat of a week ago was a USA operation, that the US wants a NATO base there against Russia.  Interesting because there is no further need for NATO other than to fatten the wallets of EU bankers and elites.  The USSR is gone and the Russian Federation has no designs on attacking and taking the EU as the former USSR once did.  Now it would appear that using the phony escuse of NATO, the object is more one of NATO aggression against the Russian Federation.

    "Russia as enemy" is a fabrication of the Clinton/Obama/Bush cabal.  It serves to deflect attention away from China, the real enemy.  It also serves as "protection" for their client state of Ukraine, where the leadership there is willing to provide both "services" and money to the cabal, which also includes Bidens.among the recipients.  Russia is also not a part of the "great reset", dear to the cabal, another factor which is a thorn in the cabal's side.

    "Russia as enemy" was a prelude to setting up a false "Russian collusion" narrative to smear president Trump.

    Nothing from Washington's power elites is what they would like us to believe.  Nothing.  They must go.  It's up to us to make that happen.

    • Certainly, Russia is not the primary threat to world peace it is China... and NATO remains a stabilizing deterrent to war, as one of the primer world defense treaties. However, Russia is not to be ignored as an agent of disruption and economic sabotage... 

      NATO has long been more than a European-only defense treaty.  NATO stepped up to the plate for N. Korea, Terrorism in the Mid East including in its intervention with Iraq and Iran... NATO needs a modified mission statement and a better mechanism to ensure all member states pay their fair share of the mutual defense compact, we call NATO. 

      I am certain China would love to see NATO disbanded... right now if we are attacked by China NATO would respond in our defense.  That is a major deterrent to war with China.  Wake up, NATO is essential to the defense of the US and world peace in general.

    • I completely agree with you.
      We are dismissing Russia as a no threat, but they are a great force if they join China, and that is a huge likehood if or when China wants war with us.  
      We also need to be close enough so we can fight there, not so much on home soil. Why do we think China is situating in Cuba, Venezuela, and other central and South American countries?

      if anyone assumes Putin isn't salivating  at the thought of having all the Soviets had, they don't know Putin. That doesn't mean he thinks it's realistic at the moment, but he'd like it to be......perhaps in the future, when China and Russia join to become the superpowers of the world......until the enemy of my enemy is no longer my friend,  and the two of them fight to the death. Communist leaders think big, they see themselves bigger than life, do not underestimate them.

      It's better to think more of our enemy than they really are, assume, give them the benefi of doubt that they are stronger, have more than we would like, that keeps us on our toes, and I'd be over than underprepared. 

    • Exactly... well said, Ilona.

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