• At least we can count on Trump and his loyal inner circle to give us the truth. I'm certainly grateful to all if them. 

  • GREAT‼️💥. Go Kayleigh ❗️. 👍🙏✝️👏. You are amazing‼️

  • I never saw the Democratic Party going on a peaceful transition when Trump became President 

  • She is so cool

  • How come they never asks any these deep probing questions to Mr Biden. That's because he is hiden in his basment. Furthermore, it is just a hate toward Mr. Trump. Typical communist organization that wants to destroy the only President that broke thier inner garbage and absolute dishonesty of the media. By now, they should be investigating this fraud committed to the American people with the Presidential election. On the other hand,  they have created a fantasy that Biden won.

    • Asking Biden serious questions without advanced warning could be very embarrassing... as he druals and stammers trying to remember where he is... and what he is doing there.  Biden is rehearsed and a teleprompter is providing his script whenever he does appear... The Public ought to be very concerned as Sen. Harris may become President very quickly.... and I can't imagine what horrors will follow as she goes after our guns and other forms of liberty.... speech, THOUGHT, patriotism, etc.

    • That is the plan, to put the first comunist women in the White House. She would try to make this a socialist country and try to change the US Constitution but ..... the same way they treaded President Trump, she would get the same.What goes areound comes around.  Keep in mind, that the Senate still is in our side except if Georgia lose. We are then screwed.


    • New Senators take office on January 3rd. Nevermind, Georgia ... Lindsey Graham could subpoena Biden and Giuliani now. We still control the Senate now!

  • Hammer down, the msm looks like a nail driven into jail.


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