• The President may not be arrested until impeached. This has similarities to not arresting a plane pilot in flight until replaced in the pilots seat. (for an obvious reason).

    • That would be talking about a person who was rightfully in the office.  Biden is not.  He is there courtesy of the overthrow of this country in the bloodless coup d'etat of the stolen Nov. 2020 election.  He coud simply be arrested - if that claim has proof.  Which it has, more and more.  Time to act on it.  Too much is getting at stake, to let the Farce continue any longer.  Apparently it has all been for a purpose.  But Let's Go, Brandon!    

    • Stan, I do not believe anyone can convince me Joe Biden enjoyed an honest victory over Donald Trump, let alone be the winningest Presidential candidate in all history.

      But I must grit my teeth and state that the body that Constitutionally deems the validity of election turnouts of Presidential elections is Congress, and-they-declared-Bidens-2020-electoral-wins-as-kosher.

      Worse yet, President Trumps own man who presided over the legislative duty refused to take up the invalidating electoral discrepancies.

      Donald Trump and the American People have been politically gang raped by lackies in Congressional office. Prodding us to shred the Constitutional due-process serves only Americas enemies agenda.

      All stops are being pulled to foment political chaos and will persist until the results of the 2022 mid-terms, and again in 2024. Why not? We as the striking alternative to despotism and political enslavement, are the focus of Civilizations fate in the World right now! This is a sure-fire bet. If the People do not like their untrustworthy servant called government: stealing from their pockets, molesting individual civil liberties at will, and striving to ruin us as a Nation, an explained nine-step plan should not be needed.

    • Hopefully, the '2000 Mules' film out now will help usher in a resurgence of support for detaied forensic audits in the half-dozen key swing states.  Only ab. 3 of them need to be decertified to swing the Electoral College vote to Trump.  That stolen election must not be allowed to stand.  We cannot build further on that rickety foundation.  The false structure built up during BHO's illegal terms in office is bad enough, without adding this Resident Biden fraudulent admin's deceitful elements on top of it.  A thorough cleanout is necessary.  And since none of the civilian branches of the federal government seem, at this point, to be up to the job - all being caught up, to varying degrees, in the spirit of corruption which seems to have taken over in this once-blessed country  - it would appear that it will have to be the U.S. military who wil have to 'rise to the occasion'.  And all the more good reason that Pres. Trump allowed for that possibiity, legally, before leaving the ofice.  Briefly.  For lessons to be learned, by the American People.  Among which have been that actions - and inactions - have consequences.  Or as Pres. Reagan indicated: Freedom is not free.              

    • ageed 

    • The 2020 election results, as such, already do not stand. If needed to hang legitimacy on technicality, instead of the Peoples true vote of support, the certified outcome is tainted in recorded history with scandal, for posterity. 

      It is galling for the callous and unscrupulous to game our revered  election process. But it is a sober reminder of what I agree is Ronald Regans profound admonition.

    • I hope for punishments.

  • Anybody causing harm to the United States is a traitor and should be imprisoned for as long as possible. 

  • Hang them all

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