• Suppose we choose to suspend disbelief, and give Durham the benefit of the doubt, who will prosecute?  And how will anyone get any cooperation from the federal government?

    • Because it's All Change.  Because we are under a degree of Martial Law, quietly put in place by Pres. Trump before vacating the Oval Office as part of an educational and sting-operation Plan, and that state of affairs wil now be able to be activated, given DJT coming up with a megaphone independent of the largely monopolized MSM & Social media sites, and being supported by Musk and the New Improved Twitter platform.  The Bad Guys - the totalitarian NWO-WEFcrowd - may well attempt to take down our communications, as a last, desperate attempt to slip out from under Checkmate (and perhaps with a false flag op to go with it), but the Good Guys are all prepared for such an event.  Including miitary tribunals to try the Deep State players, in this Drama that we are in, to catch our consciences.  One must understand that we have had true patriots in the U.S. military for a very long time - not just acolytes of the military-industrial complex - and they have not been asleep at the attempted switch of this country, away from its founding principles and into a form of government characterized by a boot stomping on the face of The People by wannabe masters who lust after Power Over Others.  Or as I say, POO for short.  It has not been easy to do, admittedly; but I would counsel, Trust The Plan.  And: The Best Is Yet To Come.  Because God is not mocked.                  

    • ".....but I would counsel, Trust The Plan."

      I have a bad feeling about this.

      Q-berts make me queasy.

    • It's fair enough to feel that way, Skeptical.  Because the Bad Guys could well use that sort of advice to neuter their opposition.  But my bottom line in all this is to trust that there were "true patriots" in the military - honoring their oaths - who have been aware of what has been going on for a long time in this country (and the wsorld), and decided to do something about it, and have made their plans for a good long while, including with quantum computer help, and Space Force technoogy.  I prefer to think that there have been such good men and women involved in this whole scenario, than that the Bad Guys have had it all to themselves, in their best-laid plans.  Let's see how this Drama unfolds.  But my money is on the Good Guys.  And that there has been a larger Purpose behind this whole business, involving our use of our free will, to make very serious decisions for ourselves, and our progress on our Paths, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.        

  • Love Kash.  He tells it like it is.  Wish the GOP was doing everything they should be, instead of sitting back and watching the dems selfdestruct.  We can't afford to wait for that!! 

    • Lisa, the gop is helping the devildemocommiecrats destroy America!!!!!  They want a place at the tyranny table after they finish the destruction they are doing now!!!!!!!!!!


    • Not all of them.  There are a few who are still loyal to the Constitution and this country.  But, you're right.  The bad far outnumber the good.

  • The GOP is in freefall because of three problems with RNC and its state affiliates:  Incompetence, indifference, and threachery.  They shamelessly panhandle for money 24/7/365 under a plethora of false front organizations, and so-called PACs. even using the name of Trump and others in efforts to extract billions of dollars from voters to fund their hapless collusion.  For an eye-opening expose' that will blow your mind, read VOTESCAM--a book that tells of the theft of a 1970 election in Florida for a Congressional seat.  Written by conservative investigative journalists, one of whom was a candidate for the 1970 Dade County based Congressional election. the first chapter gives an overview of the election and the election fraud that took place.  Remove the dates, and it was an exact carbon copy of th 2020 election.  The book was published in 1992

    • Ray, as a member of the Rogers County, Oklahoma delegation to the 2012 state nomination convention I witnessed them cheat Ron Paul out of the nomination in favor of deep state TRAITOR mitty the poo romney!!!!!  When I got home I immediately changed my registration to Independent!!!!! The establishment didn't like me because I objected to their FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!


  • durham isn't going to do anything, the gop establishment has him putting on a dog and pony show so they can win in November then it all goes away very conveniently!!!!!!!!!!  The deep state gop establishment doesn't want the swamp drained because they are part of the rat problem!!!!!!!!!!

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