• She is absolutely disgusting laughing hysterically at the struggles of parents trying to hold down a job and trying to get  their children back in school.  Too think, she is next in line if Joe Biden  has to resign because of his deteriorating health issues.  Right now, we have a mentally deficient  President and a mentally deficient Vice-President.   If we gain back the house, can we impeach them BOTH for dereliction of their duties?  It would take only 3 states to do a recount or forensic audit of the machines in question.   If all three states found that their election totals were in error and Donald Trump had absolutely won those states, that would then overturn the outcome of the election.  Donald Trump never conceded the election.   I believe there are several states doing a recount of the ballots in the 2020 election right now.  Any attorneys if on-line, have any opinion what would happen if this in fact did occur?  If the election was overturned, could Donald Trump become President?


    • Only problem is- The Courts WILL NOT HEAR THE CASES... NAMELY THE SUPREME COURT..!

  • She is one fucked up bitch..! She horse laughs at Everything like a fake fraudy peice of shit..! I think she is Stoned Off Her Ass Every Single Day as soon as her feet hit the floor in the mornings..! She tries to sound oh so important and So Very Educated and the Bitch IS NOT SMART At All..! I can Imagine She Fucked Drank And Doped All the way through College and screwed Every Professor She Cam In Contact With Is How She Passed..! Plus She Had TONS Of Money and Might Have Even Bought Her Degree In Law..!!!???? BITCH IS NUTS..! Just As Bad As Joe Biden Only She Ain't That Old Yet..!!!

  • skank.

  • I am ashamed that this thing is supposed to be a model for women. What an ignorant piece of trash.

  • This is purely Demonic 

  • She's not even legal to run this Country let alone right in the mind...Ole matress tied to her back!!!

    • Yes, I think the parents were born in India/Jamacia. So I dont know how she even got in as VP.


    • You're correct.  Also her father admits to descendency from 2 white, slave owning grandmothers.  I wonder where the black comes from in heels-over-head Kammy.  Could she be misrepresenting things like Liz Warren?


  • Is she all there in the head? What the heck is so funny? Can u imagine HER running this nation?

    No thanks!

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