• And they ridiculed Dan Quail???....Sarah Palin???

  • She can't speak!

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      Yup, but the scary part she may not be able to read either!  Q-Cards and teleprompters will only work if someone can read them! YIKES! 

  • When questioned about the excessive staff turnover in the Office of the VP, Harris stated: We weren't Working Together to not Work Together While Not Working Together!

  • This is proof to our younger generation that drugs destroy brain cells! After her Vice Presidency will she go on disability ..or just check into the Betty Ford Clinic?

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      How would we know if the 'Remote White House' is already at the Betty Ford Clinic? .....just asking.

  • I really don't think you want to go against 80 Million Patriots


    Kamaltoe Harris is a political whore


  • heels up harris is not only ineligible to hold the offive of vp but is a moron who only got where she is by having sexual relations with anyone who could help her climb the political ladder!!!!!   She is a greedy, power hungry moron who lusts for power she could never attain on her ability!!!!!!!!!!

  • Come get me bitch


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