• She is a total idiot and sounds intoxicated to me,

  • She is one STUPID BROAD! All the water shortages are due DIRECTLY to demoncrats controlled states

  • They will make up anything in order to frighten their not too bright voter base. We saw this with the phony Pandemic. ie: driving in your car by yourself with a mask, idiot in the grocery store scowling at you should you be 71/2 feet away vs 8 etc etc

    • I see people in the park by themselves on a nice sunny day wearing a mask. I just shake my head, WOW are people brain washed!! 

      You never needed a mask. You don't need an experimental biological agent that alters your DNA aka the DEATH VAX. Btw, Bill Gates, the one who wants to eliminate 90% of the planets population, has a patent on one of the fake vax's. The patent # is 060606 or 666 for short. Now, does anyone still want to rush out and get the Mark of the Beast forever separating yourselves from the God Most High?


  • This coming from one of the most dangerous and active warzones in the world, Chicago. 

  • Forget the war over water. Let's talk about a more pressing issue. The actual war when these scumbags try to interfere with our God given right to defend ourselves with firearms. 

  • She is a fucking idiot!!

  • Been happing since biblical times. 

  • Come for my water and die 

  • this is Demonic to the fulness.

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