Everyone who comes into America over the southern border is poor, so any neighborhood is a wealthy neighborhood and better able to assist Illegal aliens (not that I want them assisted) 

    Kameltoe Harris is a 2 dollar whore! 10826419474?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • Everybody gets to Share!!  You want a open border YOU GET TO SHARE! You get to help feed clothe and educate these folks  Share the Love

    • And when the government confiscates wealth and property, I suppose that's just another instance of getting to share?  I get it. 



    Just where was this professional sword swallower when her boss was abusing the hell out of the extra-Constitutional executive order privilege, and dismantling the highly successful Trump border policy defauting to chaos?

    At the border to see for herself??????

    Not even with her assignment by the Jokester himself to the issue, could or would she be bothered.

    But now she is!

  • If you care so much about the iilegals, why not join them at the border you evil witch. It's you and the dementia man who have blood on your hands for creating this mess.

  • Got a Good  Idea!!! Just so not hard on any body Let's load them all up an send back to country b of origin and take the Cost out of their Foreign Aid. And don't  cost us either!!!


    • If you take it out of foreign aid, that means Democrats won't be able to get a slice of it and neither will the State Department employees et all.  You see Joe there are a lot of side deals that go with these foreign aid monies.

  • She is right....those snobs will never do a thing for anyone but themselves!

  • She is waste of humanity

  • Where ever they're sent, it's "inhumane", but the left is good at that. We are next. 

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