• The innocent protesters have been overpowered by anarchists.  The dems use these anarchists behavior as a threat to vote for their puppet. This is not going to go well for a bunch of brainwashed immature children.  The communist dems will be responsible for training, paying and brainwashing this violent group of mindless anarchists.  The dems will have blood on their hands. The dems have tried to make people feel helpless to these savages, it is having the opposite effect.  "We the people" have invested our lives in their entirety into the businesses these animals are destroying, and the dems say it is okay.  Unfortunately, at the same time the dems are waking up the grass root movement, most of who practice their second ammendment right. There are extremest on both sides, and it will not be pretty.  They will not be bullied, harassed, assaulted, intimidated and watch as these savages destroy what they have worked so hard to create. Way to go dems.

  • I am not going to vote for her what's the purpose of the Riot?

  • All the more reason to not give into this communist threat and take over.  We need to see these people for who they are.  Remember Venezuela.  How dare any country be independent and thrive.

  • All people in the US that are taxpaying citizens, own businesses in such cities, or homes and work to live better get focused NOW........when Trump wins electin, expect more mayhem, riots etc.  These PAID FOR HIRE RIOTERS, LOOTERS AND TERRORISTS WILL SPREAD THEIR HELL TO OTHER TOWNS AND SUBURBS.  If you have not already exercised your 2nd amendment right to self protection....DO IT NOW. Remember the couple in St. Louis that defended their lives and home from a mob that threatened to kill them and ransack their home.  THEY SAVED THEMSELVES.  REMEMBER CAPT DORN THE RETIRED POLICE OFFICER WHO WAS KILLED WHILE PROTECTING A STORE.  Watching all those businesses burn, while the police are nnowhere........and the owners who are not armed are torched , assaulted, looted.  Any body who is a small business owner in a city managed by mrononic left wing progressive mayors........should protect themselves and their property in a like manor.  The trash that want to destroy you DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE, PROPERTY OR HOW MANY YEARS YOU WORKED TO BUILD ANYTHING.  THEY ARE PAID AND FUNED BY RADICALS WITH FIRE BOMBS, HEAVY FIREWORKS, BRICKS, BATS, KNIVES AND YES GUNS.  WAKE UP AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES.

  • Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.  They encourage riots, mayhem and DO NOT CARE ABOUT CITIES BURNING........ALL IN THE NAME OF THEIR HATRED OF TRUMP.   Trump invaded their DC sanctum and has exposed some of their lies, sneaky deals (ie Biden family CHINESE COLLUSION PAYMENTS).  Trump's policies for the nation are all logical and necessary and they automatically oppose anything he does..........EVEN IF IT'S A PLAN THEY PREVIOUSLY APPROVED.  Harris cannot stop TALKING RACE ABOUT EVERYTHING.  She is a leftist tool that has no ability or intent on working on national problems.  HARRIS LIKE PELOSI, WATERS, TLAIB, OMAR, CORTEZ ARE NATIONAL PROBLEMS.  THEY ARE TOOLS OF THE GLOBALIST , MARXIST AGENDA AND FUNDED BY SOROS, CAIR, AZTLAN, LARAZ AND ARE SYMPATHETIC TO ANTIFA, BLACK PANTHERS and any subversive organization.  DO NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN/HARRIS........iit's a nightmare for taxpaying citizens. 

  • Her mouth is a hell hole! 

  • "Kamala Harris says that the riots are not going to stop-and, they shouldn't"

    If so, then BLM and Antifa nightly meetings should be at Klamys' house, where she can hostess the: edifice, incendiaries, wiennies, and sticks.

    Harris is indeed an ethically empty, cracked vessel, bought and paid for by Globalists, intended for use as a chamber pot. Guess who gets dumped unto.

  • the sorass solution is .50cal, PERIOD!


    • He should be suicided. 

  • And she thinks she's going to win, what a total JOKE kammyBABY is!

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