• That's all Harris does is make stupid statements out of total ignorance.

  • What does Kumalot know about the Constitution? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

  • Imagine a Republican administration attempting to reject a Supreme Court ruling like Roe vs Wade or constantly challenge it! Republian patriots respect the law and Supreme Court rulings.

  • She doesn't know what the constitution is she is the one that encourages Black Lives Matter and Antifa to destroy cities and state she need to stop talking and leave the white house as soon as possible 

  • As usual, the whore is WRONG!!!!!  She got where she is by speading her legs for anyone that would promote her lust for personal wealth and power!!!!!  I think she is at least as STUPID as she is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Right on ... ABSOLUTELY

    • It's very scary to think that she will be President when Biden is gone, and I don't think he will finish his term. Actually, I don't believe many Democrats understand or care about the Constitution. I sure hope thare is a red wave this November, our country cabbot survive 2 more years of Democrat control.

    • you got that right!

  • What the hell does she know about the constitution...... ignorant fool

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