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  • It's time to put her in prison 

  • dizzy bitch is dumb er than a box of rocks!!!!!!!!!


  • I say Yes! Give them back what they put out. They are cowards, they would buckle.

  • The Democrats are insane.  They can do or say anything without consequences but God will judge them for turning this great nation over to sinful deeds. Their lying, stealing, cheating and immorally will be their undoing. God is in control.

  • Impeach the whole socialist party starting with the fake president he is not my president.

  • By the way, seems chrome, firefox and opera are starting to block this ning site.  I tried them and got blocked or unable to post (in opera)

    • I'm not having any issues as yet, but thanks for the info.


  • In the meantime there are protests in DC by ANTIFA/ BLM minded groups, the same mentality that stormed the capitol on Jan 6 chanting "burn down DC" ... The impeachment is by the same people who incited storming of the capitol, but that's a Dems / RINO land now, the US capitol is being destroyed from within while the projection is on the American patriots and there's little patriots can do about it

  • Impeach her and the imposter. What more evidence do we need? 

  • Threatening a president or ex-president used to be a crime. As in high crimes and misdemeanours.You can Look it up..

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