• Rush said this morning that the witch refers to herself as "Kammie", but I prefer Kommie because that's what she is and I will call her that from now on.

    • Melanie, very appropriate.  she IS a devildemocommiecrat, and one of the worst.  The biggest problem is that she isn't eligible, and biden is not only mentally deficient but very corrupt and a commie also!!!!!

    • Ditto.


  • Harris like all communist fails to understand that individuals will stop producing if the product of their labor is taken to satisfy those who will not produce.... socialism and communism will not work as no one will work or produce anything in a system that doesn't reward the diligent work of the individual.

    • communism/socialism has NEVER worked!!!!! the Nazi party, who the left like to call us was officially known as the National SOCIALIST Workers Party and look how well that turned out for German citizens, tens of millions dead, their country in ruins, and half the country ruled by communists under the brutal Joseph Stalin.  the fools that voted for the corrupt and mentally impaired biden and his partner in crime, the ineligible kamel face harris could find out the error of their ways but much too late to stop their enslavement.  Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!!!!!

    • President Trump's campaign needs to challenge the legal grounds for the Biden Ticket... Kamala Harris is not a Natural Born Citizen... it is time that the Constitution be OBEYED and the Biden/Harris ticket disqualified for improperly certifying Harris as eligible.. this is the best way to bring a change to the results of the election.  Challenge the Constitutional eligibility of the Ticket and insist that Harris is not qualified thus compromising Biden and his ticket.  

    • I believe a challenge can be made to refuse the seating and counting for the electors assigned to the Biden/Harris ticket, based on Kamal Harris failing to Constitutionally qualify as a Natural Born Citizen. In the Choosing of State Electors each State must apply the Constitutional qualification for each candidate on the Presidential ensure that both the President and Vice Presidential candidates are qualified. Should any State refuse to acknowledge the intelligibility of any candidate to be on a Presidential ticket they would be unable to seat or have their electors vote for such a ticket or candidate... the President of the US Senate must refuse to seat them or to accept their votes. Thus the electors for the Biden ticket should be disqualified and their votes not taken.  The Biden/Harris ticket is not Constitutionally eligible. The electors for the Biden/Harris Ticket must not be permitted to vote for an unqualified ticket, when the Electors meet in the US Senate to cast their vote for President. 

    • Same thing for soetoro (aka obama). I blame the spineless RINOS for not doing their job when everyone with a mind knew he was/is not eligible.


  • Is she speaking to a crowd?  Some people need more... from each according to their ability, to each according to their need... the core principle in Communism.  Everyone can not end up in the same place... in that system, there is no incentive to produce anything.

  • The mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania and other states can not be certified as being cast by legitimate registered voters... the court can not extend the deadline for votes to be received, nor can they change the method for casting votes by absentee ballot (mail-in)... that is the sole prerogative of the State Legislature.  The state legislatures must change the law to accommodate mail-in ballots.

    Ballots that can not be verified as cast by a legitimate registered voter must be challenged and not counted... All LEGITIMATE VOTES, cast by verified registered voters on election day or before, must be counted and no others.  For a ballot to be a ligitimate vote it must be cast by a legitimate registered voter. That can not be done if there is no factual method to determine who completed the ballot. Ballots mailed-in must be certified by a witness or a notary attesting to the identity of the individual completing the ballot. Absentee ballots completed by the Military are certified by a Commissioned Officer (a federal notary) and must be mailed/postmarked before the election date ... not after.

    The State Legislature, not the COURTS (state or federal), establish the rules and standard for voting... A court ruling, by a Judge who requires ballots received from unverified voters be treated as legitimate ballots, is unthinkable... There is no way to know who completes a  mail-in ballot unless it is notarized or properly witnessed... holding tens of thousands of unverified ballots received by mail as legitimate is a disaster.  It is an open invitation to steal an election with voter fraud.

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