Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris condemned “populism” as a threat to democracy on Monday, including it, along with coronavirus and climate change as the three greatest crises threatening the world today.

In an International Women’s Day address to the European Parliament, Harris warned that the popularity of populism is growing:

“Today, we face crises on almost every front. A pandemic that has taken the lives of more than two and a half million people worldwide. A changing climate threatens the future of our Earth.

“A rise in populism is working to undercut democracies everywhere. Neither the United States nor Europe is immune from these threats.”

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  • Project much?

  • Heelsup is DISGUSTING. A fully committed globalist TRAITOR. Populism means for the people so how is that a threat to democracy. As usual the DEVILS working for the destruction of America do nothing but LIE. EVERYTHING they say is the opposite of the truth. Their demonic NWO will be hell on earth and how dare the sheeple fight them.

    • Heelsup?


      If only Willie Brown were alive to testify (he wouldn't, but....)

  • Harrus us dusgraceful.  Populism is not a threat to Democracy - her and the rest of the Democrats are!  Of course they are a threat to the whole world. 

  • Usurping Lying Witch say!!!!

  • Your next president


  • "Kamala Harris: 'A Rise in Populism Is Working to Undercut Democracies Everywhere'"

    Heavens! We can't have the common clods telling their betters, whats' what, now can we?

    But I thought true Democracy is the will of 50 percent plus 1 vote??

    Has Klammy been hanging around Xoe???

    Is it contagious????

  • It needs to grow in ALL countries and oust the creeps

    • Yes it does Janet!


This reply was deleted.