The Justice Department is expected to ask U.S. attorneys appointed by former President Donald Trump to resign this week amid an ongoing personnel transition between the Trump and Biden administrations, CNN first reported Monday.

The call for resignations could begin as early as Tuesday and impact up to 56 U.S. attorneys who were appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Senate, a senior Justice Department official told CNN. Officials have reportedly scheduled a call with U.S. attorneys to discuss the transition.

There are 94 U.S. Attorneys currently serving in federal districts across the country. 25 are currently in acting positions after a number of Trump appointees resigned before President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

But a number of U.S. attorneys are reportedly expected to retain their positions as they continue to conduct high-profile investigations, the senior official told CNN.

U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss is expected to continue overseeing an investigation into Hunter Biden. The president’s son announced in December that federal prosecutors had launched a federal inquiry for possible tax crimes.

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    • I read a small item and I don't know how much truth was in it, that said Barr was working against Trump the whole time. That poor guy didn't know who he could trust. He could probably count trustworthy people on one hand. I keep wondering how in the heck Obama managed to have so many die hard loyal people surrounding him. Maybe he had dirt on them all and they had no choice, or they were just as corrupt as he was and were all in it together for personal gain.

    • You really mean that? Barr withheld very important evidence of Bidens corruption. China owns the doddering old fool, the left accused Trump of being Putins puppet, well we know for sure Biden is Chinas puppet along with along with most of the Democrat  party. You can't see that? Festering pustules all of them. Born stupid and losing ground ever since. 

    • Well, I don't mean it completely. At first Barr was awesome when he killed off the Mueller report. That was very important. His record has been choppy since then though. 

  • It sure looks like those creeps are really afraid of something. Why doesn't OUR side ever do this??

  • Let's not go overboard - this is not an unusual action.  But I am wondering if they can refuse to resign.  I don't like it - I don't think they should resign, but there is nothing incorrect with Biden asking them to resign.

  • Gee, I recall a tremendous fuss about Mr. Trump wanting to toss some of the Deep State deadwood at an early point in the first adminsistration. The lilly white truth tellers of the MSM screeched that he had no authority to do so. 

    Yet Bill Clinton dropped a cord of them within his first 60 days without a media ripple , if I remember.

    MSM is mercenary propogandism, the epitome of fake.

This reply was deleted.