Attorney General William Barr

The Justice Department has set new dates to begin executing federal death-row inmates, a move that would resume such death-penalty punishments for the first time since 2003.

The announcement follows a months-long legal battle over the plan to resume executions.

Attorney General William Barr directed the federal Bureau of Prisons to schedule the executions, beginning in mid-July, of four inmates convicted of killing children, according to the Associated Press

Three of the men had been scheduled to be put to death when Barr announced the federal government would resume executions last year, ending an informal moratorium on federal capital punishment as the issue receded from the public domain, the wire service reports

The move comes amid a renewed national debate on criminal justice reform, following the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 during an arrest by Minneapolis police in which one officer kneeled on his neck. 

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  • euthanize the asses by HANGING. They committed a serious crime they suffer the consequences for their actions


  • Just one of the reasons we are having all the problems we are having today is because many of the laws on the books are not being enforced today.  Law enforcement is therefore seen as having the peragative as to whether to enforce the law or not.  That is also why so many of the problems, like resisting arrest, are on the rise. In the past two incidents of a black man being killed it would not have happened had the black man had not resisted arrest.  This goes for all races not just blacks.  

    Just what is it we are missing today? Is it ignorance or lack of respect for law enforcement that makes anyone resist arrest? White, black, brown, red or yellow. In the first place usually there is more then one law enforcement officer on the scene so the person being arrested is outnumbered at least. The way to fight an illegal arrest is to fight it legally in a proper way that may mean a court of law. Resisting the arresting officer only makes the problem worse. Furthermore, it makes the arresting officer or officers more determined to make the arrest. Even if the criminal (victim?) manages to get away he/she will be hunted by even more officers of the law. Fighting an arresting officer is not a way to avoid anything. It is also impossible to tell just what will happen during the time you are resisting arrest. Anything seen as an attempt on the officers life or will being may reap an unwanted result. That has been demonstrated twice in the past few weeks.

    In the final analysis it is always better to cooperate with the police officer or officers completely while explaining to them courteously and respectfully your position. That will make everything work out better for you! In any case it is very likely educating - training one side will not likely get the hoped for results and once again neither side will be satisfied. As long as any race, creed or ethnic group resists arrest there is going to be problems. Anyone thinking otherwise is fooling themselves and only seeing only one side of a very serious problem.  As a matter of fact training one side may even make things worse.

    There is a very good chance as long as anyone resists arrest bad things are going to happen. Consequently. It is not just the police who need some training here. However, just how does anyone go about informing or training the general public as to how to act at such a time. If the training of just police officers takes place that may have a bad result because more compassion will be excepted and that could cause even more problems then now. However, compassion is not a necessary part of any arrest especially for major crimes.

    A police officers job demands he take control, total control, of the situation at the time. He must be in control of the situation or he can not complete his responsibility properly. That responsibility is to keep the peace (that is why they are even sometimes referred to as peace officers) and protect the people. If a certain element of society is allowed to resist the officers assigned duty it could cause havoc among others within that society.  I personally cannot understand why that should be difficult to understand.  

  • Capital punishment WILL deter criminals from heinous crimes that will cause THEIR deaths, PERIOD!

  • Now what about the rest of the CRAP that's going on in our country? 

  • "Progressives" (REgressives) hate laws because they ultimately can't stand being restrained in their own nefarious behaviors.

    • Correct there is absoltley nothing about any of these so called democrats (who are in reality communists) that is PROGRESSIVE but most all are  REgressive!  

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