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  • Just when you think DEMOCRATS could not get any more STUPID, along comes a whole boatload of 'em who (I AIN'T MAKIN' THIS SH1T UP!) don't know the difference between a CANINE coyote and a HUMAN-SMUGGLER coyote!!!  UNBELIEVABLY STUPID, DEMOCRATS!!!  Is this the team YOU plan to vote FOR or WITH???  Huh??  HUH????


  • What kind of  parent let's  their child go to another country with a total stranger? 

  • The children are pawns for illegal entry schemes... show up with a child and you are guaranteed entry.  People are renting children to get into America.  These are not immigrants they are economic opportunist.  Most are indigent, or displaced persons in their own country.   

    • The TP interface has seriously changed but the spell check is still broken. For some reason Lexa Doig appears at the top of the page. I haven't watched TV in many years but I remember her from the show "Andromeda". I can't imagine why an actress appears on the TP site. I'm also confounded that folks don't know what a "coyote" is. Was I accidentally transported into Bizarro's world...?

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