No Such Thing as Justice | Isha Sadhguru

The former Minneapolis Police Officers accused of killing George Floyd made court appearances in downtown Minneapolis Monday where a judge set a trial date for next year and warned public officials to stop talking about the case publicly.

The Hennepin County judge made it clear to public officials and family members of the victims and officers during the hearings Monday that he will move the trial out of Hennepin County if they continue to comment on the innocence or guilt of the officers involved in this case.

“From this day forward, everyone has a warning,” the judge said, threatening a gag order or a change-in-venue.

The judge warned public officials to stop using “control or influence” and to limit their public comments. He said he “isn’t going to be happy,” if he hears more publicly.

The judge said he is open to allowing cameras in the courtroom and broadcasting of the trial.

The judge set the trials to begin in March 2021. The next hearings in this case are scheduled for Sept. 11.

A new court filing from the attorneys of Kueng show that he intends to plead not guilty due to self defense, reasonable force and authorized use of force.

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