• I view condoms as a form of Birth Control. The Judge may view them as Chewing Gum. He may enjoy the chew, however I believe the "Majority" will not!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The judge ascribing someone else's motives to them seems eerily similar to dear Judge Emmitt Sullivan appointing himself both judge and prosecutor of our honorable servant Gen.Michael Flynn. 

  • Judge is "ilegitimate" as a Government controlled by criminals.

    Articler 2. leaves no doubt that Bidden was Unconstittionally elected so he IS illigitimate,PERIOD.  POLITICAL PRISONERS ARE THE ROOL OF COMMUNISTS.

    This traitotr shoulkd be tossed out on his Constitution Shredding ass!

  • Hey Mr. Stupid Judge - we have a right to have our own views.  Even if they disagree with your crooked ones.The judge needs to be removed from the bench - PERMANENTLY.  I guess he has never read the Constitution.

  • Much of America believes this government is illegitimate and is absolutely corrent. It is time to take our Country back.

  • This happens more often than people realize. They will hold people without charges indefinitely.

  • This action by a judge is insane. What is America comeing to? This is beyond belief. All of America, and especially our congress, should demand immediate release of this man.

  • And so it begins -secret trials and death squads 

  • Has not the Judge ever heard/read of the First Amendment?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Guess what.   About 90% of all  Americans view the US Administration as 'ILLEGITIMATE' BECAUSE WE KNOW THE  2020 ELECTION WAS TOTAL FRAUD.

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