A Michigan Circuit Court Judge in Shiawassee County rejected the complaint filed by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office to shut down barber Karl Manke, who has refused the order from Governor Gretchen Whitmer calling his business “non-essential.”

Attorney General Dana Nessel tried to file a temporary restraining order today against Manke in order to criminalize his barber shop operation in Owosso. He is able to remain in operation for the time being because a judge rejected her request, although the state has charged him with misdemeanor crimes.

“The next step now would depend on if the “(Attorney General) appeals or not,” said attorney David A. Kallman, who is presenting Manke.

“I don’t know if they’re going to, but for our point of view, the next step is two criminal charges pending against him in district court for misdemeanors,” he added.

Manke has received citations for violating Whitmer’s edicts. He could receive 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine if he is convicted of these supposed crimes.

“I’d gone six weeks without a paycheck with no money coming in. I’ve been in this business 59 years…I’m 77. I’ve always worked,” he said. “I’ve never looked for handouts. I don’t even know what they are. I had somebody call me and say why don’t you get on food stamps. I don’t want to get on food stamps. I want to work.”


Manke is overwhelmed by the incredible amount of support he has received from the community due to his patriotic stand against Whitmer’s tyranny.

“I came into this last Monday alone, thinking I’m going to swing in the wind alone,” he said, calling the government’s order to keep non-essential businesses closed and he doesn’t need to be mothered by lawmakers. “I cannot believe the support that I’ve got. It’s overwhelming.”

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  • This is begining to happen over and over throughout the USA.  People have finally realized, They want to go back to work.  He was shocked at the support he was getting I saw a clip where people came from miles to drive by his shop honk and wave in support.  Made my heart feel warm and strong.  I love America and we are remembering what Freedom is and why they can't take it away with handouts.  Or at least the older people remember. It is an easy message I bet more then us old folks will pick up and run with it.  I bet the young now that they don't go daily to propoganda school will learn pretty fast.  

  • Smart Judge!!  Obviously NOT A DEMOCRAT…… !

  • Good for him!  Keep working fellow and tell the politicians to pound sand!

  • "Jake Tapper to Gretchen Whitmer: ‘Why do you believe Biden and not Kavanaugh?’" That one's easy... She never imagined herself being Kavanaugh's V.P :/

  • The unfortunate part of this whole mess is that it is solid proof that our entire government is corrupt.  Anyone has yet to be held accountable among these creeps with high paying jobs and deadly power.  That our politicians - on both sides of this carousel - are so absolutely feckless, is disgusting.  That this government has used the Covid-19 distraction to avoid accountability for the annihilation of the global economy as well as any hope of a future 'American Dream' is treasonous against the people that it serves.  These arrogant individuals will only respond when they are awakened to a knock on their doors in the wee hours of the morning and they discover - to their horror - that it is the American People.  Our government has been headed by Rothschild for decades.  They will try desperately to keep us in fear and lockdown.  Just as Japan woke us up in 1941, let us wake to this nightmare with ice in our veins and steel in our hearts.  We are invincible...we need only to realize it.  Like NEO in the Matrix, we must realize our full potential as the American People.  Only WE can save ourselves and, coincidentally, the world.

  • I wonder if the Attorney General and the Governor are getting a paycheck?

    • Of course they are!  The only person in our government who doesn't get a check is our President! He donates his salary to various causes!


    • EXACTLY!!

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