A Michigan Circuit Court Judge in Shiawassee County rejected the complaint filed by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office to shut down barber Karl Manke, who has refused the order from Governor Gretchen Whitmer calling his business “non-essential.”

Attorney General Dana Nessel tried to file a temporary restraining order today against Manke in order to criminalize his barber shop operation in Owosso. He is able to remain in operation for the time being because a judge rejected her request, although the state has charged him with misdemeanor crimes.

“The next step now would depend on if the “(Attorney General) appeals or not,” said attorney David A. Kallman, who is presenting Manke.

“I don’t know if they’re going to, but for our point of view, the next step is two criminal charges pending against him in district court for misdemeanors,” he added.

Manke has received citations for violating Whitmer’s edicts. He could receive 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine if he is convicted of these supposed crimes.

“I’d gone six weeks without a paycheck with no money coming in. I’ve been in this business 59 years…I’m 77. I’ve always worked,” he said. “I’ve never looked for handouts. I don’t even know what they are. I had somebody call me and say why don’t you get on food stamps. I don’t want to get on food stamps. I want to work.”


Manke is overwhelmed by the incredible amount of support he has received from the community due to his patriotic stand against Whitmer’s tyranny.

“I came into this last Monday alone, thinking I’m going to swing in the wind alone,” he said, calling the government’s order to keep non-essential businesses closed and he doesn’t need to be mothered by lawmakers. “I cannot believe the support that I’ve got. It’s overwhelming.”

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  • Whitmer will be lucky if all they do is tar & feather her....


    Michigan Music Store Owner Sends Brutal Message To Gretchen Whitmer After He’s Forced To Shut Down His Shop For Good

    Michigan Music Store Owner Sends Brutal Message To Gretchen Whitmer After He’s Forced To Shut Down…
    The o
    • like I said welcome to the New socialist, communist America if people doubt me this the proof of it.

  • what NAZI's these people are

  • This is an update It happened last night he has lost his license

    “Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has suspended Karl’s license,” attorney David Kallman told radio host Steve Gruber.

    “Not thinking about it, they’ve actually done it without a hearing, without any due process,” he added, saying the action took place some time after 5:00 p.m.

    His lawyer is representing him with this latest update This is a fight to the death

    Gretchen Whitmer Targets 77-Year-Old Barber's Livelihood, Strips Operating License
    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is waging an increasingly high-profile battle against an elderly barber and he appears to be winning. | Politics
  • "Kiilunen, a self-described introvert and father of 10 who owns two U.P. businesses -- a roofing and insulation business and a composite rebar business -- calls his message one of “peaceful civil disobedience" and not one used to spread anger.


    “You don’t have to be raucous, you don’t have to bring guns, but if we stand up peacefully, what are they going to do?” Kiilunen said.


    Those who have driven through the state recently may have seen digital billboards Kiilunen purchased that read “All business is essential.” They’ve popped up near Detroit Metro Airport, on highways around the Detroit suburbs, and in downtown Lansing and Grand Rapids.


    A crowdfunding campaign to keep the billboards posted has raised over $20,000 and Kiilunen says he hopes to buy more in states outside Michigan as the message spreads to other states where businesses have closed to slow the spread.


    The idea of the billboards started when he realized how hurt his business was by the closures. Kiilunen says he bought them because he doesn’t think the governor’s approach to handling the majority of businesses is the right one.


    With that in mind, Kiilunen announced May 21 as “Michigan Take Yourself to Work Day.” A day in which he’s encouraging any business owner who feels they can safely be open, to do so.


    “In the recent past we had the leisure to dedicate a day to taking our children to work in order to show them what puts food on the table and what makes the country run. It’s time we reminded ourselves,” Kiilunen said in a press release announcing the day. “The American citizen has no obligation to sit idly by while his savings and his livelihood are bled dry.”"




    U.P. man calls on businesses to reopen despite Whitmer’s orders, buys billboards across Michigan
    Erik Kiilunen has purchased billboards all over Michigan that read "all business is essential."
    • Our Sheriff Brian BeGole is a Stand-up American as well :)

    • I have seen news article on these bill boards It is a great idea 

  • So Governor Whitmer says his business is not essential....  BUT, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot was caught during lockdown getting her hair done at a salon, and when questioned about it commented:  "“I’m in the public everyday and candidly, my hair was not looking the way it did,” she said. “I thought I would do it myself but I thought it would be a disaster. So I got a haircut,” she said."


    CLEARLY....the laws only apply to the..........................................PEASANTS


  • Governor In Need Of Being Shut Down! 

  • socialist is creeping in to the Michigan State

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