Stealing the election was a victory for democracy, says ...

Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman is issuing 70 subpoenas to Wisconsin state employees and entities, mayoral staffers, IT departments, private companies, and special interest groups who were involved in the 2020 election.

Gableman’s latest move shows that Wisconsin’s election audit is far from complete, showing a far different story from that reported by the mainstream media.

As a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Michael Gableman was appointed by Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly Robin Vos to serve as special counsel in an investigation into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

Gableman’s investigation is currently looking into the role that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg played in the contested presidential election by donating massive amounts of money to the Center for Tech and Civic Life. It is also exploring the actions of the Wisconsin Election Commission as well as Wisconsin mayors and clerks. Not stopping there, Gableman’s investigation is also reviewing the integrity of voting systems, and various other issues in the 2020 election.

This comes after the Wisconsin election audit revealed a massive number of fraudulent votes were counted in the 2020 election by “active voters” registered for over 100 years and by inactive voters.

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  • GOP is gone as far as patriotic Americans are concerned!

  • Shazam! Do you think "Republicans" are  concerned about fraudulent elections? They are incredibly silent...I am so tired of "party"'s always about the next election and promises which never surface after the "election".  DC departments and agencies need to be scattered to 50 states...wall off DC and encourage people to is a different "country".

    So, Zuck may have influenced the election??? That is 'year old' news; we knew this in 2020..."massive number of fraudulent votes were counted in the 2020" DUH!


    Wisconsin hearing shows 500,000 voters have been registered for over 100 years and other 'red flags'
    A public hearing on Wisconsin's voter rolls on Wednesday revealed widespread opportunity for election fraud through old voter rolls.According to the…
  • Now we will see does the Justice Dept. have the backbone to dig to the bottom of this and send people to jail and I don't mean for 15 minutes either.

    • The Dem Justice Dept will do nothing. It is going to be up to us to clean house


      I was listening to Peter Kirsanow, a cleveland attorney, (happens to be a black guy) the only conservative on the civil rights commission. Sometimes he's on with Tucker Carlson, but he is on Tuesday mornings with a local radio host, he also speaks to local groups on the regular basis, great patriot! Anyway,  he said the thing to do is to contact  the justice department, file a complaint, they MUST investigate every complaint. He said bombard them with complaints, overwhelmed them with paperwork. 

      He also said you can do the same with the department of education.....complain, complain, complain! He said, this is what the left does, they overwhelm the opposition with paperwork hoping they'll give least get their attention. 


    • Great insight.  Great comment.  It beats the hell out of mass demonstrations and calls for civil war, what?

    • It's safer than demonstrating, they are FORCED to look into the complaint by law. That's more action than we get by spending out time, money, and energy standing with signs as they look and laugh at us!

    • Free advise from a patriotic attorney who knows what works, or at least will slow them, make them work.

    • Thanks, Ilona. I can use my gift well,...haha.

    • Hey, it's not my idea, just passing it on, tell all your contacts to do it, so far they can't arrest you for complaining, costs little in stamps, and if it catches on they will be overwhelmed.

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