• What we need is AG Barr to enforce the laws of the United States... the Democrat Party, in collusion with leftist and pragmatist in the CDC, NIH, and FDA, have created a false Pandemic. This Pandemic was created with the intent of destroying the US Economy and Pres. Trump's bid for reelection. The fearmongering and false narrative regarding the science behind this phony Pandemic is an ACT of DOMESTIC TERRORISM as defined by Federal Law.  See Link Below for the exact legal definition of 'Domestic Terrorism'.

    AG Barr needs to act now...  If he fails to indict or ignores his duty to prosecute the criminals engaged in this act of domestic terrorism, the President needs to relieve him of his duties.  The President needs to address the nation to describe why this Pandemic is an act of Domestic Terrorism. He needs to make it clear that there is no Pandemic, and that the medical emergency was created to destroy the US economy and to bringing down his Administration and reelection. The President should appear before the Nation, surrounded by highly credentialed medical experts, from both outside, and inside the US Medical community.   He needs to include members of the CDC, NIH, and FDA, that will support his claims.. include several of the Foreign Experts in VIrology and Doctors who have treated COVID-19 successfully, from here and abroad. The President needs to make it crystal clear that there is NO PANDEMIC and that it was the CONSTRUCT of the Democrat Party and agents within the CDC, NIH, FDA, and MSM. He needs to establish this false  Pandemic is an act of terror, meant to harm US citizens, the economy, and our government's policy. He needs to stress that it is past time that the Attorney General of the United States enforces the Laws of the United States, without regard to the position or status of the person(s) under investigation .He needs to explain that  America must not allow the Deep State and MSM to dictate the terms upon which the Laws of the United States are enforced...

    If AG Barr refuses to indict those in high office for their criminal conduct he needs to resign... If the AG will not investigate, detain, and charge those in the CDC, NIH, and FDA for collusion to create a panic, aimed at destroying our economy and the policies of the current Administration, he needs to resign,  The President needs to explain why he has had so many AG's in his Administration. He needs to point out that the laws of the United States have been and are being ignored, when applied to members of the government or their associates. The President needs to assure the public that the crimes of the deep state will be prosecuted if he has to fire every US Attorney, Assistant US Attorney, and career lawyer in the DOJ and FBI... He needs to make it clear that lawless conduct by government officials ends today...that enough is enough... He is going to faithfully discharge the laws of the land... He is taking charge as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the land and is going to focus his efforts on draining the swamp immediately, starting with the DOJ and FBI... Charging many with obstruction, Misprision of a Felony, false swearing, witness tampering, perjury, and a whole host of other federal crimes that they have to date committed with impunity.. never again!
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    Domestic Terrorism Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.
    Domestic terrorism means “activities that-- (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United S…

    Domestic Terrorism Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.
    Domestic terrorism means “activities that-- (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United S…
  • In California, a big demonstration is being planned surrounding the capitol noon on May 1 because of course the judge is right: Americans are determined to fight for our rights.


    • it might be to late

    • it's time to let California know this is America not 3 world country.


  • This is exactly what I think the liberal media Propaganda pencils are thinking. They want to see our economy destroyed and that is DIABOLICALLY EVIL!!!




    • yes yes


  • we need God to do something in this situation that is it.

  • Judge Pirro is quite the woman ... well-spoken, educated, smart and attractive... certainly well worth listening to and trusting when it comes to her analysis of the political state of affairs in the USA. She is correct we are being duped again... the Coronavirus is not a pandemic, it barely rates calling it an epidemic. We need to put America back to work and to restore normal social behavior except where major disease is present. 98% of America can be put back to work tomorrow without placing the general population at risk.

    • and that she is she need to be the head of the CIA period.


  • As a Nation we cannot survive the time our Medical Experts want without our entire economy collapsing. We absolutely need to begin our "Normal Routines" of Commerce, Coffee, Shopping, Camping, Restaurants, Casinos, Travel, Visiting, and the thousands of other little things needed to bring Us out of Fear and into Prosperity. 

    If some, or many, still catch the Coronavirus, then use what has proven to have worked in actual recoveries, regardless of established scientific and medical protocols. We are Americans, not children. Let us act accordingly.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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