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  • way to go Judge

  • What charges?  R,I,C.O. and subsequernt firing squad for the treason connected to it. I've seen more than enough reasonable doubt for a guilty conviction............. YEARS. OF IT!

  •  !  No shit !  It should have happened already !   Do we stil have Deep State  in DOJ ?

    • Oh yeah! The cancer is deep!

  • Indict we must. Indict we shall. Now. To allow for less is to condone "Treason."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The statmen I agree with, however, I wonder why the quotation marks around treason.  They are not needed.


  • If you wait till election time to prosecute these traitors you might blow it if the Demo-rats take control of the House , Senate and maybe the Presidency then these people will all go free to finish the job of destroying America. What is taking so long?They rush to judgement against all Consrvatives but the republicans sit back and just keep doing nothing about the coup against the President. Come on wake up damn it. Our Republican Senate is already beginning to faulter with McConnell making derisive statements against the President.

  • Not in my life time. The entire organization is founded on the Good Old Boy system. They will find some lowley jerk and lay all the blame on that persons ability or lack thereof and the real new" royal criminals" will walk free with huge pensions.

    • The AG and ID have all the evidence needed to get these people then why are they sitting on it?????????

  • "A War Hero"?  I doubt it seriously.  Heros are accidents of fate and while there are may they do not put themselves in that position on purpose it is case upon them by the tides of war and close combat. The majority of the time it was an unintended incident that proved they had more than they expected and reacted to the situation out of surival instincts and to save their fellow team members.   

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