• Not only every Republican should vote against Jackson, but every Senator who cares about the United States. Any Senator voting for her is obviously a traitor and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

  • KBJ should not be judging pigs at the State fair.

  • She should be removed as a judge and not have her name to the Supreme Court everything about her should be reported and this is not about racist but about a idiot judge 

  • There is no longer any honor or integrity.

  • It seems as soon as Biden got in the white house all the vermin started chewing their way in. That's what we can expect until he's out of there.

  • Sickening 

  • Like what?  As, if Biden hasn't brought shame to the presidency?

  • How did she ever get  on any bench?  Well she's black and a woman.  That's about as good as it gets, if you're a Democrat. 

  • Where did Biden find this radical far left black female judge? She will bring shame to the Supreme Court.

  • She is nothing more than a progressive rubber stamp

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